Some Reunion Pics

Rob and Gus won a lot of bingo games!

Mom holding Van

Mason and Lars (this weekend was the first time they met)

Me and Lars

Katie with Lars

Renee and I sitting in the shade

Gus taking his 'lil bro for a ride

Gus really liked the fish

Dad and Jim taking care of the fish fry (thanks to Jim, Tam, Tristen, Amber and Loren for catching them all!)

Dad and Gus on the tractor, Gus drove the tractor a lot that weekend!

Rob on the 4-wheeler, which also saw a lot of use that weekend.

Katie playing bingo. Cool hat!

Sarah, Mike, Paul and Ben playing bingo

Alison on the porch

Amber and Mason (surprisingly she can hold him without hurting herself!)


One Bitchin' Camaro

My lovely friend Hailey has a bitchin' '69 Camaro that I finally got some pics of. Imagine a really good looking girl, in a really fast car, and that's Hailey in her 'Maro!

Check it out!!


Bertha Part Deux

Apparently a lot of people like this picture!




Old family photos

So we had a great family reunion last weekend for Ma's side of the family. It was the first time we had all been together in quite a while and we all had a lot of fun. Everyone got a CD full of old family photos so I picked a few for everyone to enjoy here. I should have more pictures of the reunion up here soon!
Time to get the horses out! Way to go Grandma and Esther!

Grandma and her sister Esther getting stuck in the mud. (Grandma is on the bumper)

Cleaning fish, Grandpa is in the middle.

Grandpa fishing.

Love Mom's jacket!