The Meaning of Life

Well, no, not really. The meaning of "Live Young Die Fast" actually. Recently, seemingly with the advent of our new shirts, the meaning of the L.Y.D.F. was brought into question by a few people wondering why I switched the words around from the more popular "Live Fast Die Young".

Allow me to break it down for you. When I was pondering names for this blog and what would subsequently become a business venture I went through a ton of different ideas and falling short of what I really wanted to convey until one fateful day...(that sounds so dramatic in my head)I got some stupid email forward from a friend of mine and somewhere in it the phrase "Live Fast Die Young" was used. I kept looking at it and thinking that it sounds kind of cool but really didn't make any sense for me personally. I don't wanna die young, I wanna live to be super old and call kids whipper-snappers and take their baseballs when they land in my yard. Plus, I feel like I've already done quite a bit of fast livin' and frankly, all it got me was a lot of hard learned lessons and hard times. The more I thought about it the more I felt the two words should be switched around. For me it makes perfect sense, I think that "growing up" can really negatively affect a person. I like the idea of always staying young, (cue Peter Pan reference) at least at heart. Of course we all have to grow older, pay bills, go to work, be responsible, yada yada yada, but that's no excuse to lose your inner child. It just seems that kids are happy so often and are so light-hearted and carefree because they're not caught up in the troubles of the world. That's exactly how I intend to live my life (and you can't tell me what to do cuz you're not the boss of me, neener neener neener). As far as the dying fast part, I guess that it just goes along with switching the words around, and not to sound morbid or anything, but I hope that when the grim reaper comes looking for me it comes swiftly.

So there you have it, now quit asking and get your credit cards out because the L.Y.D.F. storefront is coming soon! This young livin' and fast dying shit ain't free ya know.

Say hello to your mother for me,


So Serious

Pablo looks so serious, and mildly dangerous


Another LYDF Bettie!!

It's really bitchin' to see how our shirts look once they are actually being worn by people! Here is a perfect example of that with our second LYDF Bettie, the beautiful Brittany...

Yeah, I know, you'll probably get sick of looking at pretty girls in our LYDF gear, but if I'm wrong then keep checking back for more pictures of Savanna, Britanny and a few more LYDF Betties coming soon!


New Feature - LYDF Betties!!

This is some pretty exciting news for us at LYDF. With the launch of the new shirts we are lucky enough to have a handful of gorgeous ladies that have agreed to model our shirts for us on the blog.

I'll be uploading these pictures as they come in, which is starting to happen as the shirts were just sent out. Plan on seeing more of these beauties as we do more shirts and THANKS AGAIN LADIES!!
The honor of being our first LYDF Betty goes to the lovely Savanna:
Keep checking back for more pictures of the LYDF Betties, these shirts will be available for sale on the blog soon!!


Synonym Toast

Setara and the Chubby Knuckles had an epic weekend! We were of the first few people at the emerging festival "The Synonym Toast", held in New Auburn WI, and the last ones to leave. We all partied as hard as we could and played an awesome show!!! We made tons of new friends that seemed to genuinely love what we did! Setara signed autographs!! All in all it was a super stellar weekend that needs to be repeated, and outdone!

The stage we played on was on a pimped out bus. Literally on top of it! Sweet set-up! We had that bus rockin to our groove the whole time!

Here is a psychedelic look at this bus from the front. You can sort of see the stage on top!

Talkin smart with Ben


This is the part of my job I really love

Important Cause

There are certainly tons and tons of important causes that people can get behind and help fundraise for these days and I am excited to have an opportunity to lend a hand to my friend Chase and his family in supporting their cause. They are currently raising money for Step Up for Down Syndrome, they have a fundraising page dedicated to Chase's cousin Declan.

Please take a look at the page here Declan's DS Fundraising Page and do what you can to help them reach their goal.

Thanks again!


Makin moves....

Me baby, Me!

Hello all,

I'm Esteban, guitarist and co-creator of Setara and the Chubby Knuckles (S&tCK). I have been working hard on the final touches of our album. Debut TBA. Be sure to check out some of what S&tCK is doing and when we play shows. Join our street team or mailing list. Don't be shy! We love our fans and being able to connect with them. I will keep you guys posted on upcoming events, parties, fests, and other things we are committed to!

Free Listens at: www.myspace.com/setaraandthechubbyknuckles
Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/Setaramusic


"Heaven wont take me and hell's afraid I'll take over"

Free Crap!

I've got some pretty exciting stuff happening right now and if you want to be part of it and get in on some free stuff just shoot me an email at liveyoungdiefastmn@gmail.com There are a couple of conditions and I'll respond to your email letting you know what those are. Thanks folks!

And thanks to Pat for the bitchin' new header!



I've decided to capitalize on this whole internet fad

....and monetize the blog. Let me know if it gets really annoying having the ads on here. I'm not quite sure what to expect with it so if it bugs me or you I'll ditch it. In the meantime however, click away on any ads you see and I'll get paid mutha truckas!

Adios Amigos,
Jon Jon

Great Depression era photos

Great Depression era pictures are by far some of my favorite. People typically seem so stoic in the shots, which is amazing considering what they were going through. Shit, maybe they were just tired. Any who, here's some cool, rare color Great Depression era photos.


Don't go ninja'in nobody who don't need ninja'in!

Diamond Dave's Ninja School

Jake and Andy turned me onto this last night. My life will never be the same.

Today is a sad day for me

After roughly 20 years of loyal service keeping me warm and comfortable nearly every night, it's time to retire my quilt. It's obviously seen better days as its now full of holes and stuff is falling out of it but I really don't want to put it away. My Grandma, who has since passed away, made this quilt for me when I was a little kid and its easily the most comfortable and comforting quilt in the world as it reminds me a lot of her. People have been telling me that I should retire it for years now but I've refused, even sending it to my aunt in Iowa at one point for some repairs. I've decided though that if I don't retire it now it will get much worse very quickly and I won't have a quilt at all.

R.I.P. Quilt
Thank you for your years of warmth and comfort.

As you can see, I'm quite distraught about this whole thing.

Friend of Jake Day

Although I got there late, Friend of Jake Day was a lot of fun. Word to the wise though, don't pass out around these folks. Before you know it you'll be trimming hedges for the city and then you'll wake up in a chair fort.


For the ladies....

Here's an excerpt from an interesting article in the recent High Plains Reader:

"A woman’s perception of self-worth is validated outside of her self by others. And this affects her perception of her own value as a human being.

Women compete indirectly with other women because they have not learned how to recognize and control their internal needs, feelings and goals, and transform them into physical, tangible realities. Once women learn that they cannot control or live vicariously through their children or the man in their life, they will stop hating each other and focus on their individual unique gifts, talents and assets.

Ladies, here are some points to ponder:

1. You can never stop a man from looking at or admiring another woman’s beauty. Do you really feel that another woman is more valuable as human being simply because of her physical appearance? You are more than your physical body. What talents, gifts or skills do you have to contribute to society?

2. You cannot control what other people think of you.

3. You can never compete with anyone but yourself.

4. The only person who you can control is yourself, period.

5. Whatever you seek in other people, develop in yourself. You don’t need to marry a doctor. Become a doctor.

6. You are the most important person in the world who must believe, acknowledge and recognize your own authentic and unique beauty. Why should anyone love and respect you more than you love and respect yourself?"

Read the entire article here: Femolution: Stop the Hating