Peter Bjorn And John - Nothing To Worry About

This is pretty close to what me and my friends do every single day...

What a shitty song....thanks Katie!

Captain Bill

While technically not a Captain and quite possibly a spy for "The Man", Bill's still a real good guy.

Family Times are Good Times

East Side



Memorial Day

Remember, today is about more than hanging out with friends and family, having a day off of work and consuming some of your favorite beverages. Take the time to think about all the service men and women who have given their lives for our country...without the brave souls that are willing to go into battle for our country over the years it wouldn't be what it is today. Political views aside, its incredibly important to remember and honor those who have passed while serving the U.S. of A.


Death Trap

This is probably the fourth or fifth incarnation of Troy's Softail, this is my personal favorite, literally risen from the ashes after burning up in a crash last year. It's not completely done yet so this is just a little teaser for your asses.

Monday Monday Monday

Don't forget...tomorrow is the last day to save some cash on shipping and pre-order the new Nick Hams designed LYDF shirt. Place your order HERE today!

Sportsters, Old Ninjas and V Stroms

This is my best friend's garage. He's got lots more toys elsewhere too.


Garage Fart Hate Crimes

Happy Birthday Tim (Pops)

It's been said before that Harley knowledge begins and ends with Tim. I believe that, on top of it though, Tim's just a really great guy and luckily for us he's passed on those and a lot of other traits to his son Troy. So, Happy Birthday Pops, hope you have a great day!



Only 1 week until the annual Nightmares Tower Ride! Let me know if you need to know when and where we're leaving from. Otherwise I will see you there!


Mike's Honda Choppa

Only Andre The Giant Can Grant Permission to HQ

Air Conditioned

This is a very old air conditioner. For some reason it held my attention for quite some time.

Candy Doll

Thanks Candy!

Nick's New Ride

Super stoked for my buddy Nick on scoring his first street bike! Ride on mang! (and get a helmet please)

First Sight


Bikes in Bars



Old's Cool


The Rox

There's a lot of bars in and around St. Cloud to choose from. It all depends on what scene you're into and what kind of company you want to keep. I like to be able to listen to some good live music and hang out with great folks. The Rox and The Tav are good for exactly that. They're gathering places for people to come to and enjoy themselves, whether you partake in the adult beverages or not. The employees are all great people, the patrons are excellent, there's great live music and very little of the trouble and drama that surrounds many of the other St. Cloud establishments. If you're in town stop by and check it out, grab a cold beverage and enjoy yourself.

American Masterpiece

Photo by Katie "the Duluthian" Lassi

Happy Birthday Hootis

Check out his blog. Hootis Motorsports Super rad dude, builds cool shit. Great guy to call a friend.

Luther Cole

Luther's show in St. Joe is a month away! June 23 at 7pm at the Local Blend. Luther only makes it to this area a couple of times a year and this is a great venue for his show, be sure to check it out.

Pool Party

Should be full in no time....

MoeDell at the Rox

Playing some old country and whatnot. Real good stuff. Check out his site for more HERE


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” - Dr. S.


Pabst Blue Rebellion at the Rox

Be at the Rox this Friday (doors open at 9, music at 10), sure to be a good time. We'll be selling LYDF and PBR gear at the merch table. Free low fives with every purchase. See you there. 

I Came To Get Down

Live Young Die Fast Landscaping...might as well.


LYDF and Nick Hams Unite!

We've got our very first, very rad, Nick Hams designed shirt up for sale right now in our ONLINE STORE. We're going to be taking pre-orders on this shirt through May 31st, if you pre-order a shirt we'll cover the shipping. We need as many orders as possible to go through the website so even if you're a local dude and want one please order it through the site so we can keep track of everything and we'll hook you up with some extra goodies since the shipping incentive probably won't mean as much to you.
We're really stoked to be working with Nick and as you can tell he's got some really bitchin' stuff up his sleeves....watch for a new ladies design from him soon as well!

Buck's Corner - Hwy 1


A Night of 1000 Stars...

Another great time in Hudson, thanks to all the excellent people we've met down there who make our trips so much fun. Great to see you all and once again a big happy birthday to our great friend and the reason we made the trip, Andy Gonzo.