Muddy Waters plays "Manish Boy"

Here Are Two Pictures

One is Troy on a tractor and the other is a dead possum. 

Told you so. 

Shaved XS650 Legs

How to Shave XS650 fork legs:

Step 1: Cut mounting tabs off
(photo by Troy)

Step 2: Put on lathe, turn until smooth
(photo by Troy)

Step 3: Document with side by side picture and post on blog. 

Honda Chopper

This thing is going to be wild when it's done. Troy is doing a great job of resurrecting this glorious bastard. 


I Need Some Help....

I'm looking for two completely unrelated things, if anyone has any leads on either please let me know...

First, I'm looking for a 21" spool wheel, just the hub will do. Secondly, I'm looking for someone who knows a thing or two about mobile app development, as in, someone that can develop mobile apps. 



Chopper Donor

After some major issues with my other chopper donor XS came to light I managed to score another gem. If I'm remembering right this bike went from Josh to Goose to Care Bear to Jake the Face. Either way, I putted up north today and picked it up from Jake. They sure do have a lot of extra parts with these old bikes...


Help Out Blue Cat Motorcycle

CASH REWARD to identify the logo on this truck and trailer. 
They broke into the lot at my motorcycle shop and I want my hard earned property back!! 
Cash in hand and no questions asked. 
Call or e-mail 
Blue Cat Motorcycle 



Great Birthday

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the emails, texts, FB posts, phone calls, hugs and high fives for my birthday today. I had an excellent day with tons of great folks. 

A special thanks to my chick for making it all happen today. I'm a real lucky guy. 


Happy Early Birthday To Me

Thanks Dad!

I've got to do a little digging to find out exactly what model this is, but it's an all steel 50's era pedal car. Anyone know much about this?

"Ran When I Parked It"

Picked up my new XS650 chopper project from my Dad today. Real stoked on this one. It's gonna be a fun build, one piece at a time.