3rd place ain't bad

I never even thought I would be on the radar for being near the top of the fundraisers for St. Cloud but actually made it to third place! Thanks again to everyone who donated and don't forget that you can still donate up until Sunday morning.


Narly new rear tire? Check!

Now I really need to drop the rear end a bit.

Finally home!


Only a couple of days left...

So keep voting!!

Had some time to kill so I decided to try and clean up a few pics that I had previously posted. A lot of them were originally cell phone pics so they certainly look a bit better. Rather random stuff though.

We did it!!

106%!! Thanks to everyone who has donated to this cause. If you haven't had a chance to yet, I would hate for you to feel left out so you can certainly still click on the link and throw some money in the pot.



So Close!!!

Only $15 to go to meet my goal, let's blow this outta the water!!


Max's Birthday Party

Went to JJ and Cindy's today for Max's birthday party. Got to meet their new dog, ride the zip line, play on the sidehack and hang out with the family. It was a blast!

Downtown Joe Buck Show

I know that I've posted these pictures before, but I figured I'd re-post them after cleaning them up a bit and what-not. Plus I just dig 'em.


Luther Cole news!

I just heard from Luther that he will be playing in St. Cloud again soon! He'll be at the Veranda Lounge on July 16 from 9-11:30 pm debuting his new CD. Tell everyone you know and if you still haven't heard Luther's music (you're really missing out then) you can check some out at his website http://www.luthercole.com/

I hope to see a lot of people there, I'll be posting reminders on here as the show gets closer.



I'm curious as to why this is in our breakroom right now.

Happy Birthday Katja!!

Read This Book

An interesting look at the decline of people who willingly handle facts and complexity, and the rise of those who can only handle sensationalism and simplistic entertainment. Seems counter-productive to post this on my blog....

Anyways, great book, great read, let me know if you want to borrow it.


Uh Oh!

Vote Vote Vote Please Please Please


I'm fine Officer, I just fell

"WINONA, Minn. (AP) — Officials say a brawl between rival biker gangs in southeastern Minnesota prompted police to close a lane of U.S. Highway 61 after pulling over more than 100 bikers.
Winona County Chief Deputy Ron Ganrude tells the Winona Daily News that police were called Saturday afternoon to a parking lot in Minneiska where members of the Hells Angeles and Outlaws motorcycle clubs were fighting.
No was cited for fighting, however, because no one would talk to the officers. One man with facial injuries said he fell. Two men were cited for possessing brass knuckles.
Meanwhile, three deputies and a state trooper pulled over 100 members of the Outlaws on Highway 61 while police in Minneiska investigated the fight. The Outlaws were eventually let go.
Ganrude says he couldn't recall another biker brawl in the county.
Copyright 2010 The Associated Press."

Have to wonder what 100 Outlaws were doing in Minnesota if not wanting to cause trouble.

Freakin' hippies

Smells like Otto's jacket in the library today. Odd...