Seriously You Guys. Seriously.

I really really need an air compressor. 20+ gallon should do the trick. Cheap. Used. Ugly. I don't care, just need it to work or not have any "major" problems.

I'm somewhat by choice and somewhat by financial reason a tool minimalist. I don't have anything fancy and get by with very little by using a little creativity and a lot of patience.  That being said, I really really want an air compressor!

Help a brother out, let me know if you have any leads on one for sale.

It will be MUCH appreciated.




Dangit. That was my favorite claw hammer too. 



Those of you who regularly follow this blog have gathered by now that my chick and I are now cohabitating. We found a great little compound with the perfect sized shop for me and the house isn't bad either, it's so small and oddly built that I regularly laugh about it but it's perfect for us. Plus the kitchen floor is really slippery and good for dancing.

Now normally she gets up before me and has gone to work by the time I rise for the daily grind. However, now and again she has a weekday off therefore she gets to sleep in while I get up and going. Today was one of those days. I love those days. I'm not a real sappy or emotional guy but the sight of her peacefully sleeping in the morning (by "peacefully" I mean sprawled out all over the place with her hair all messed up and possibly even snoring) reminds me of how lucky a guy I am.

I've made a few good decisions in life and am super grateful that they've led me to her. She'll have dinner ready by the time I get home, help me move a couch, sew me new helmet liners, let me ride my bike and work in the garage as much as I want, shoot guns, make cookies, get all dressed up to go out or wear jeans and a flannel and work in the yard, she's funny as hell and has a huge heart, she loves my family and friends and my family and friends love her. Plus she's tall and really hot. Chicks simply don't get any better than her. She's the cream of the crop. This post is getting way to sappy and gross. So, there.



Tons of work to do this weekend. Both companies and the day job. Luckily not all of it is in front of a computer screen. Lots of rad stuff coming soon. Stay tuned folks.


What can I say? Glad it wasn't worse man....or me. A year to the day after my accident, grizzly reminder that power tools can get real gnarly real quick even with experienced dudes.

Chopperdave - Chop Saws Are Dangerous

Charlie Parr at the Red Carpet


Occupy a job. Take care of your own.

Excuse me while I climb up on my soap box for a moment....

I'm sick of hearing about occupying this or that, sick of hearing what poor shape our government is in, sick of hearing who needs to be drug tested for what benefits and who is paying for who's what.

I think I found a solution: work. Quit relying on the government for so much and just go to work. Not only will this put money in your pocket to pay for your medical costs, college, housing, etc you will feel much better about yourself at the end of the day and in some way shape or form have provided a service to some one or some thing. Plus, some times you get a name tag or  vest to wear.

No, I don't believe the government should pay for everybody's college; yes, I do think the educational system sucks; yes, I do think law abiding citizens should have the right to arm themselves; yes, I do believe teachers, police officers and firefighters are grossly underpaid; no, I don't think we need to go through the expense of drug testing government assistance recipients (do you really believe that will stop drug addicts from benefiting off of the system?? they'll just find another way to make it work for them); yes, I am pro-life; yes, I do think that Sheriff Joe guy in Arizona is a nutcase. So, as you can see, I'm torn. I don't head to the right or left but what I do believe is everyone should just quit whining and grab your boot straps and pull. Go get a job, if you can't find one then make one (I'm an idiot and own two companies so anyone can do it) and just work. Those calluses on your hands and that tired feeling at the end of the day are a good thing.

Rely considerably less on "the man" and try to find a way to make the system work for you. Also, how many of you really care? How many of you are just following the pack and abiding by what you see on Facebook? Thinking for yourself is an integral part of my plan and unlike many of you, I will still believe in this in 6 months when you have all decided to attack the latest greatest problem and have forgotten all about occupying anything.

I'll climb down now so you can think to yourself how nonsensical this all is and call me names.


On this day in history...

A year ago today this happened....
Resulting in this scar...

But I'm all good now (minus a few teeth) so it's ok.