...is this?


Luther Cole


Currently booking shows in and around St. Cloud. Please comment on this post and let me know where you want to see him play!

Another Weekend Working on the House

My folks and my buddy Jerry were up this weekend to help out with getting the house ready. We got a lot more done; finished projects from last weekend, painted more, re-carpeted steps, cleaned a lot of stuff out and moved some stuff back to St. Cloud.

Jerry brought the Heavy to help out.


Had to fix an issue with the brakes on Saturday night......

So that we could load it up on Sunday for a trip back to St. Cloud. We had it loaded to the brim by the time we were done.

Jerry and I had our first experiences with re-carpeting. We did pretty damn well too!

Dad finished up the soffit/fascia/roof project from last weekend.

Had a nice portable workshop set up for himself.

Looked great once it was done and now it's done the right way!

This is the cleanest and emptiest my garage has been since I moved in. Threw some stuff away, a lot of stuff went back to St. Cloud and cleaned it up as well.


Evolve Devolve Offset

Click here to see more detail!

I've been a fan of Shepard Fairey's work for some time now, as his popularity and notoriety grows, it's becoming more and more difficult to buy his signed and numbered screenprint releases. When an open edition offset print of a popular image like this is released, I just think it's nice to be able to actually buy one!

On sale at a random time 9/1/09.
$35 plus shipping.
24 by 36 inches.
Signed by Shepard Fairey.

For more info, click on over to www.obeygiant.com


Big News

Alright, so I have had the opportunity to tell a lot of people about this news personally but I thought I might as well put it up here so that everyone knows. Recently, I have accepted a job in St. Cloud. I will be moving within the next two weeks with a portion of my stuff while my house sells. I'm REALLY stoked about the new job and the move (can't wait to be closer to my family and friends) but a bit worried about selling the house. Oh well, just have to keep my fingers crossed that it goes quickly and smoothly.

See you soon St. Cloud!



I Guess They Do It the Same on the West Coast

Tower Ride

Only 2 1/2 weeks to go until the next Tower ride. We've got more friends on bikes coming than ever before, a lot of people have long anticipated this. No gimps this time, a few new guys coming with, Buck needs to beat Hwy 1 this time, we're all leaving from St. Cloud and riding together the whole way up. This is gonna be a blast! Tower has no idea what they're in for!



Ernesto Yerena - Con O Sin from Hecho Con Ganas on Vimeo.

If the video doesn't show up automatically, please click here: http://www.vimeo.com/6172927

Could Not Be Happier Right Now!!!


Can't tell you why for a few more weeks though! Check back...

Hank the Tank

Sometimes, I think that if Hank could talk he would sound a lot like what I imagine Lennie from "Of Mice and Men" would sound like. Just sayin'.

All You Searchers Gather 'Round

I've listened to the brand new Luther Cole album 4 or 5 times now and all I can say is, "WOW!"

It's amazing, check out his website, go to a show and buy the album. Now.

Bambi v FJR

A couple of weeks ago my parents took a ride around Lake Superior on their FJR. All was going well until somewhere in northern Wisconsin they crossed paths with a deer. Luckily Dad was able to keep the bike upright after broadsiding the creature so he and Mom were alright. Unfortunately the bike was rendered useless at that point. A local woman gave them a ride into town where they rented a U-Haul to get the bike back home. Here's a few pics of the damage shortly after the accident. All in all, good news for a deer hit at a decent speed.

More Pictures from Mom and Dad's Trip

Here are some pictures from Mom and Dad's ride around Superior prior to the deer incident....


Home Renovation Day ??

So the last few days have been full of more work on the house. My folks have been up for a couple of days helping out as well. We've been stripping/scraping/re-painting ALL the windows and tearing off and rebuilding water damaged fascia, soffit and part of the roof on the garage. Along with a lot of tree-trimming, weed pulling and other general landscaping stuff. Tomorrow bring more garage roof work, dining room painting, more window painting as well as a couple of mild plumbing projects. Plus plenty of other miscellaneous stuff. Much more of this crap to come over the next couple of weeks.


You Must See Him Live....

and buy his CD. Also, I "heard" he has a new CD coming out soon. Check out the touring schedule and go to his next show!!


You're welcome!

Peace Out Suckas


Tori and Iris.

Nightmares: this is the same room! Any thoughts???

Smarter than me...


My cousin Tori.

Nightmares: Do you know where this video was taken? Answer it in the comment section if you think you know...

Winky Wink

George The Painter


Busy Busy

Check out the sweet wallpaper hiding behind all the paint in my entryway!

Found some time to jump on here and send out an update. Alison came up on Sunday evening to help with some stuff around the house. We painted, got some general cleaning stuff done, went to a Farmer's Market (my first time) and even did some yoga. Oh yeah, I said it, I did the shit out of that yoga! Surprisingly difficult when you're body is used to being tense and stiff as a board like mine is. I was actually incredibly sore after the first time. I also found out that I can't do most of the moves in "beginners yoga". Thanks again for the lesson Alison.

My realtor also stopped by today to give me some ideas on what to do before listing my place. Now I have a nice laundry list of things to get done. Should keep me busy for a while. She told me that once all of that stuff is done she will stage my house to make it look more "girly and couple friendly". Since when is a pool table, car/motorcycle parts, memorabilia, pictures and old beer signage not girly and couple friendly?!?! Whatever, that's her job I guess.
Definitely going to have to call in some favors and ask some friends and family to help with the house stuff so that I can get it done in somewhat of a timely manner. Luckily my folks are going to be up here from tomorrow until Sunday to help with as much as we can get done in that time.
On top of all of that....I have a VERY important meeting in St. Cloud on Monday morning that I have to be prepared for, wish me luck!
Cheers for now.


Luther Cole


I know the sound quality isn't the best. For those of you who know him, this is worth the view.

It's Martini Time!

Reverend Horton Heat will be playing with Throw Rag at The Venue in Fargo on August 25th!

Already bought my ticket!

All Sportsters All the Time


Road Hard and Put Away Wet

Over 6 hrs later and it's still soaked!


I finally got a chance to put some miles on the bike yesterday and today since getting it back. I took off yesterday around 3ish and blasted I-29S into South Dakota. It's a flat straight rode with little traffic so you can really get moving on it! The only bad part is that south of Fargo there aren't a lot of gas stations within 5-10 miles of the freeway, I once again made the mistake of not paying attention to my gas light and ended up having to nurse the bike into a tiny little town on fumes to fill up. Ended up in Watertown, SD after that and took off on US-81S towards Arlington. Made it there and decided to keep going for a while on some very cool random county roads. I then found myself in the middle of nowhere near dark so I turned around and went back to Watertown to grab a motel for the night.

The only bad news is that I wasn't smart enough to check the weather before leaving Fargo so I was completely unprepared for what I would wake up to this morning....

I got up around 9 to find out that ALL of SD, ND and most of Northeastern MN were in a thunderstorm watch! Awesome. I waited it out for a while, realizing that the rain was not going to let up as there was no break in the storm on the radar. So off I went into the rain. My "rain gear" consisted of my jeans, leather jacket and bandannas (I'm a genius). So after 4 hours, multiple stops under overpasses to clean my glasses and warm myself on my motor, having a smoke with a guy on his way home to Winnipeg on his Evo Dyna, I made it. I got home soaked to the bone, cold as hell, tired, sore and happy as I could be that I finally got a good ride in!

I ended the trip with around 525 miles with no major issues, that's all that counts.

Oh, I did bring my camera with me and managed to get through the entire ride without taking one damn picture, whoops!

You think??

Here is an excerpt from my conversation with the guy from Winnipeg on the Evo Dyna today as we had a smoke under an overpass on I-29:

Guy from Winnipeg: "Doesn't the rain get in your face without a front fender?"

Me: "Well, the rain gets in my face because it's raining."

Guy from Winnipeg: "Oh, I suppose."



This is just too cool to not post. I actually stole this pic off of Hootis' website.
It's a pic of his "Farmuell" next to the 1947 Farmall Cub that my parents own (it was my Grandpa Gresser's tractor) at Pioneer Days in Albany. I haven't had a chance to ride this bike but the tractor is a riot to drive, it's even cooler because it's been in the family for so long.

Great Music


You must go to his shows. You must buy his CD. I decided.

Great News!

Darren is now a legal motorcycle rider! I'm sure we will see "Her Special/Pinky" on the road quite a bit in the future. Congrats man!

The best chicken breast marinade recipe ever

¼ c. soy sauce
2 T sugar (if even that much but want some in there)
¼ c. water
¼ c. pineapple juice (I’ve used apple juice, too and orange juice would probably work)
Couple of crushed cloves of garlic—you can buy just one bulb (the whole garlic) in bulk in the veggie/fruit section and each little piece on the bulb is a clove
1 T. Ginger powder
1/8 c or so of oil

It’s a pretty forgiving recipe as far as the amounts go.

Thanks Mom!

"And this is the kanoodler valve..."

Killer Pan

Coolest. Handlebars. Ever.

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

Really getting into these guys.


It's Official...

Hello there!

I've been sending in photos of some past and current artwork for a while now.  Feel free to leave comments on any of the artwork, I love any feedback as long as it's honest. I'm set up to be a guest blogger here, so this shouldn't be the last time you hear from me.

Take care!


Darren's New Ride

Darren looks like a man in need of a pink motorcycle!

He didn't get to pick the color, we did.

One nice looking motorscooter!

Turns out that when there is extra pink spray paint around my oil filter ends up like this. Thanks Troy!


Jenny's tough as nails!