AHRMA race. Pre 1940 class

The Indian wins...

Hello from NOLA

Sam here. I just wanted to write a little introduction and thank Jon for asking me to be part of LYDF. I'm from Milaca, MN and currently reside just north of New Orleans. The motorcycle obsession started when I bought a 78 xs650 from Handsome Troy and has evolved into something that is a huge part of my day to day life. When I came to New Orleans about a year and a half ago I met a few people that shared the passion for bikes, specifically vintage machines, but there was no network in place to bring riders and wrenches together. A good buddy JZ and myself decided that instead of bitching about it we would try to create something. We started the Crescent City Vintage Motorcycle Club and started hosting monthly bike nights. After a slow start it has grown into something larger than we ever could have imagined. We just finished co-hosting a swap meet and bike show that coincided with the AHRMA and Thruxton Cup circuit. It was great for the first year and with the help of the amazing people at Triumph, Barber, Dime City Cycles and all the local support it is going to grow quickly. Start planning your vacations for next year. 

A lot of exciting things are happening here and I look forward to sharing what is going on in this neck of the woods with you folks.

1962 Buick LeSabre

1962 Buick LeSabre

Ichabod Speed Shop

This gem belongs to Jake at Ichabod Speed Shop. I like it a lot. 

Andrew's TR6


Yesterday's Gone

Yesterday was the day before my bride's birthday. Yesterday also marked 4 years of sobriety for me. Yesterday we reflected on me and my past; today we reflect on her and our future. 
I like her reflection a lot better. 


Twistin Vixens

Three of the four Twistin Vixens performed at another of the Downtown Art Crawl events. This time they posted up at Return Yoga and made good use of the studio space. 

I also stopped by the Loft Salon to see my good friend and the always impeccably dressed Mr. Brian Wohlman himself. 

Brian's wife Kelly has a rad Etsy store called Holey Socks. Take a look for yourself, I'm sure you'll find something you like. 



I've been in middle Louisiana for the past few days for work and came across these two gems. 
The Scout is the guy's driver too. I dig it. 


1973 Norton Commando Chopper

Mike Stodolka's Norton chopper is something else. One of my absolute favorite bikes out there. 
If you haven't been paying attention, Mike painted my chopper, this Norton, plus a bunch of other really rad stuff. Hit him up if you're looking to get something sprayed. 


Way Back

Handsome Troy, Pops and I went to ride the Tail of the Dragon in March of 2006. This is Troy with the bike that later became Death Trap outside of Wheels Through Time

Check out the video for a more up to date version of Handsome Troy and Death Trap. 


Sportster Stoppies

Two years ago Handsome Troy was doing Sportster stoppies with a single disk brake and pretty much stock suspension. This year he's going to be coming in hot with a dual Brembo dual disk and some Speed Merchant goodies. 

Garage Time

I spent some time in the garage this weekend, both mine and Pops', making a new rear brake arm for the chopper. The one I had on it last year was stupid and sketchy as hell. I put a little more love into this one. 

The latest permanent addition to Pops' shop was this Shovelhead he recently purchased from a friend, one that Pops actually built the hot rod motor for years ago. It kind of just looks like it belongs at Pops'.

Troy had a friend's survivor Triumph chop getting some much needed attention out there as well. 

Today was a good day.


Adam Loves Lemons

Noise Cycles Panhead

When I first heard about Mama Tried I figured since it's only 6 1/2 hours or so from home, as long as there wasn't any good reason not to, I would go. Once I heard that Scott's BF5 Panhead would be there I decided that I had to go. I didn't (and still don't) know if I would ever again have a chance to see this bike in person and it's, in my opinion, one of the finest examples craftsmanship I've ever seen. 

I spent a lot of time looking at this bike, listening to a lot of the comments and it's obvious within moments of seeing it that this bike is riddled with incredible details. It's the details; both the creativity to dream them up and the skill to accomplish them so flawlessly, that put this build on an entirely different level. This bike is more than a long front end, crazy bars and a flashy paint job; coincidentally it's none of those yet it stands out even more.

 Collectively I probably spent about 2 hours looking this bike over and I took almost no pictures of it...I suck. Despite all the signs, I did actually touch it too just to say I did. Haven't washed that hand since...

More Mama Tried

Bronsonville had their killer VL shovel there. This bike was certainly getting a lot of well deserved attention. 

I'm not quite sure who brought this bike, I just dig their style. 

Fuck You Steve

I read every comment that any post gets but I've never really monitored them before...frankly, unless you're being a total prick who am I to censor you? 

The other day I glance over this completely unprovoked religious rant someone posted on a post that was nothing more than a picture of my friend Emma in one of our hoodies, albeit odd, I didn't pay it much mind. Then today I get an email that I had another comment from someone who chose to remain anonymous which simply stated "Fuck you Steve." I laughed so hard I was in danger of pissing my pants. So, because it brought so much joy to me I would like to send you some free stuff. Please email me your name and address at lydfstickers@gmail.com so I can put some stuff in the mail for you and thank you so very much for your comment. 

Fucking Steve....