New Old Bars

As you may have read on here before, my friend Don passed away last year far too early. Don was a real, true blue, no nonsense, old school biker in every sense of the word. Don forgot more about motorcycles than most of us will ever know, and he didn't forget much. I was lucky enough to get a set of Don's old handlebars for my chopper project. I don't have any idea what he ran them on or where he got them or anything, but to me it's an honor to run something with an undoubtedly cool chopper history on my bike. On a side note, they were way to wide so I cut them in half and narrowed them 4" to make them fit the bike better. A little more polishing and they'll be ready to go. 


MPLS Cycle Supply

Picked up my new tank last night from Daniel at MPLS Cycle Supply and got it mounted today. Daniel is a dealer for a bunch of vendors and if he doesn't have what you need he can get it and makes the price totally worth it. Plus he's a nice guy and a MN based small company and that's exactly where I like to spend my money. 


Van Morrison - Into The Mystic

Stuffs For Sale

- 1977 XS650 frame, rear loop is cut off, springer is not for sale. Perfect chopper donor. SOLD
- XS650 gas tanks
-XS650 header pipes with some fishtails. Header pipes are in decent shape, fishtails are in decent shape, crappy weld job holding the two together SOLD
- Bitchin' king queen chopper seat
- 16" rear rim. XS hub laced into an HD knock off
- 35mm Forking by Frank 6" over XS forks SOLD
- 34mm shaved XS lowers

Email me at liveyoungdiefastmn@gmail.com for prices or questions. Everything is priced right, just ask. I need more room, unless you got something cool to trade...like old headlights, a chopper oil tank, or whatever else you got that you think I might want.