Stuffs For Sale

- 1977 XS650 frame, rear loop is cut off, springer is not for sale. Perfect chopper donor. SOLD
- XS650 gas tanks
-XS650 header pipes with some fishtails. Header pipes are in decent shape, fishtails are in decent shape, crappy weld job holding the two together SOLD
- Bitchin' king queen chopper seat
- 16" rear rim. XS hub laced into an HD knock off
- 35mm Forking by Frank 6" over XS forks SOLD
- 34mm shaved XS lowers

Email me at liveyoungdiefastmn@gmail.com for prices or questions. Everything is priced right, just ask. I need more room, unless you got something cool to trade...like old headlights, a chopper oil tank, or whatever else you got that you think I might want. 

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