Snow Day


I have to go to Sturgis for work this year (I know, rough huh?) so my plan is to use that as my jumping off point to go ride for a little while. I've always wanted to go to Alabama so here's option numero uno. 
We'll see how this all pans out...


International Motorcycle Show - Minneapolis

Working the show this weekend meant is was hard to see everything, but I did get a chance to look around a little bit. Some pretty neat shit at this show, lots of stuff I'd really like to have...

Johnny Campbell's XR

The current top choice for my next bike....the FZ8.


Pablo and Coffee

This is my family.

Remembering Sadie

I can't believe it's been a year since Sadie has been gone already. I still miss her a lot and I know a lot of other people out there do too. She meant a lot to me and to LYDF as a company.