Luther Cole @ the Veranda Lounge

Luther will be making his St. Cloud debut at the Veranda Lounge Friday, December 4th from 9pm 'til midnight! Should be a great show and I believe he will be selling his CD's there, both of which have been recently reworked to include some new music.

Scooter's XS

There's a whole lot of homemade awesome going on here!

Mom and Renee decorated cookies on Saturday.

I decorated one too!


Me n Ma

...in the shop

Model A Project

I just found these pictures so they are out of order as far as the rest of the Model A info on here goes.

The body's nice and light so the three of us made quick work of taking it off.

The '48 after a quick bath before tear down started.

Gus, Van and Mo

Mo, Van and Gus icing cookies with Alison.

Dad and Gus after a ride

Mo and Gus were fascinated by the birdfeeder, birdseed and birds in general. Gus managed to eat some of the birdseed too, which he did not care for.

Trading legos for books.


We're still at only 81%!!

We're almost there, just need a little more money!



December 19th at The Rox, this is going to be an awesome show and a lot of the money is going towards Enshrined's new album so come on out!

They're going to have Malitia, Enshrined (with new music), Slay The Prophets, Australis (debut show), Trailboss and We Are Legion.

Plus, free beer for anyone named Justin!


Hank III Concert

Dad, Jen, George, JJ and I had a blast at the Hank III concert last night at First Ave. We spent about 90% of the show on the main floor right in front of the stage. It was a really intense and fun show!

JJ, me, Dad

George and Dad

Jen and JJ

View from upstairs



Thank a Veteran Today

Thanks Clint!

Split Lip Rayfield

I've been listening to these guys pretty non-stop lately and if you haven't heard them yet definitely check them out at http://www.splitliprayfield.com/

It's some really amazing bluegrass/alt-country stuff with a lot of banjo and a mono-string stand up bass made out of the fuel tank from a '78 Mercury, a piece of hickory and weed whacker line. They put on a hell of a live show and their CD's are pretty cheap. The "Best of" is 29 songs, just under an hour and a half of music and only $15.

Hank and Eliza


Model A Progress

Dad and I made quite a bit of progress on the Model A project lately...

Body's off

New K member is here, only set in in this picture
Old 4 banger is out

Flathead is just about ready to come out of the '48

All that's really left for the flathead to come out is the tranny mounts since it's just sitting on the motor mounts now