Hand excercises

My day job is mostly my dominant hand clutching and making fine repetitive movements with the fingertips, and my non-dominant hand pushing and stretching. Sometimes the tension and arthritis gets to be so much that I can barely move my hands at all. When it gets to this locked up point, only repetitive, vigorous work of almost any other type is about all that helps so I can go back to work again in the morning. Tonight it's filing and polishing a paperweight.

Tattoos and Scars

Twistin Vixens at the Roller Derby

Twistin Vixens put on a killer half time show at the SCAR Dolls Roller Derby last night. I have way more pictures I'll post later, check out there site for more as well. Twistin Vixens


Saint Street

Keep Your Peepers Peeled

Birthday Banjo

She's wanted a banjo for a while so I hunted one down for her birthday. Ben helped me out getting new strings and a quick tune from his buddy Kyle. If you're in the Hudson, WI area and need anything music related, check out Schusters Music, super knowledgeable and very nice staff; thanks again Kyle!

Anyways, I've perfected my banjo solo face so now she's going to learn to play it. 




The next two people that email me their name and address at lydfstickers@gmail.com will get one of these patches on the house. Everyone else will get a little something.

My Bride to Be

I firmly believe that the best things in life often times just fall in your lap, or in my case follow you around a bar all night trying to talk to you. Me being the genius that I am it never even crossed my mind that she might be into me, she practically had to flat out tell me. Luckily she did. Happy Birthday babe, thanks for being down to marry me. 


Three Years Hangover Free

Three years ago today I didn't think I could go three days without a drink. I'm happy today to have been wrong about that. Thank you all for your support over the last few years, I could not have done it without you.

 If you need help, someone to talk to, some guidance, resources or whatever I am always available. 
No judgement, no bullshit. I'll help however I can.


Devil Makes Three - Graveyard

Got Something To Say

Well, do ya?!
Got some photos in your LYDF gear, where your patches ended up, where the stickers got slapped?
Building something neat, different or just something you're real proud of?
Want your mom to see it on the internet?!
Send it in!
Seriously though, I'd love to see what you all out there are up to. Send me some words and pictures and I'll put it up here. 


Got my frame back from my home boy Andrew at All Pro Powdercoating. If you want great work at a great price and short turnaround time, give him a call.


do it higher.

Drive-by Truckers - Steve McQueen

Happy Birthday Sir. 

Hittin' the Slopes

Scored some comp tickets from my uncle for the local ski hill, decided to wait until the last day they're open to use them. Handsome Troy, the Kayla's and I went out for the afternoon. I haven't been snowboarding in over ten years, Troy has never been and it's been years since the girls skied. We had a blast and outside of us all being very sore and developing some well deserved bruises we made it out alright.  

Stone Cold Fox


Single parents play date.

Today I got together with some other unattached parents and we took out gaggle of girls bowling. There were many laughs, some cheers, and only one melt down. It's good for the kids to get together and play, but on another level it's good for them to see other kids without married parents too. Kinda normalizes it all for then a bit I think. It's also a good thing for us parents. The more kids the less work it is for each of us.


Day at the office

So I'm the other new guy here. Aside from custom painting two wheelers, rebuilding clapped out British junk, and having more projects than time, I do have a real life day job restoring classic cars and building bitchin motors for them. After driving for 2 hours in a blizzard, this 496 big block Chevy we built made 665 hp on the dyno today running 92 octane pump gas. The new owner better bring some new shorts when he mashes the loud pedal on this sob.


Been putting a lot of time into turning a tired old Ironhead into a streetkillin' machine.


Hey I'm the new guy. I ride an Evo chopper and hang around at my local motorcycle shop, mostly telling distasteful jokes and cutting up perfectly good parts. Looking forward to to showing off a little of my life with LYDF. Thanks Jon for letting me tag along.

Gopher Bargain Center

I really like how much Ben has been coming up this way lately.
Also, Gopher Bargain Center has a bunch of real cheap, and a lot of real weird, stuff. 

A Lifetime Ago

18 years old, senior prom. Chuck Taylor's, my best Travis Bickle and Grandpa's Miata. Top down and tires squealing.