Pangea Speed Wins At Everything

Such mind blowing talent here. It's gets my heart pumping to see the stuff he builds. Absolutely innovative and taking from so many styles and genres then putting his own twist on it. Wild stuff man. If you don't go to any other link I ever post, go to this one. 


This picture brings the following to mind:
-I need longer pants
-My headlight is adjusted a little low 
-I don't fit well on small motorcycles
-It was great to ride out to dinner with Troy, see Clint, Kandace, Nick 
and his lady friend who's name I won't try to spell
-Damn, it feels good to be a gangster


I'm N Stitches

Joe did  great job for me on Gus's seat. Great quality, well priced, good local dude. Give him a call for any upholstery needs you've got. 



She got to ride a motorcycle for the first time tonight at Tim and Lois's and I'm proud to say she's a natural. I was actually really impressed at how quickly she picked it up, but then again she's good at everything she does. It was fun for all playing on Troy's old bikes. Good people and good times. 

Old Tools

I like old tools a lot. I like them even more when they were handed down to me. 



The seat is a temporary solution as riding around on the frame rails was really starting to hurt my ass and the new seat won't be done for a few more days. Other than that, this thing is an absolute blast to ride!


Nephew and a Goat

If this picture isn't one of the best pictures ever pictured I just don't know what's what. 


First Friday

Just a little over two weeks away on August 3rd. Expecting even more good people this time. Tell your friends. 
HUGE thanks to Pat Jensen for putting together the flyer!

Stuff For Sale

I was cleaning out my storage unit and decided I should sell some stuff. I've got a nice HJC dirtbike helmet, Alpinestar Tech 2 boots (size 11), stock front and rear fenders from an '06 Dyna Street Bob as well as powder coated strut covers and a stock '82 GS450 seat in great shape. Let me know if any of this interests you.... liveyoungdiefastmn@gmail.com





I've still got this motor for sale that you need too...

235 Chevrolet Inline 6


Full Tilt Chopper Show

Met up with a few of the guys on the way down the St. Paul for the Full Tilt Chopper Show. Turns out we were late so we missed a lot of the action. Still a good time.

Pert Near Sandstone at the Paramount

The Paramount in St. Cloud was the perfect venue to see these guys play. Really talented guys that put on a very fun show.