Tom Gabel feat. Chuck Ragan - Greenback Dollar


A Little off the Top

Gus's front fender needed a trim. 
Picking up Gus a couple of weeks ago has reminded me how much I really love old Jap bikes. 

Rap Won't Save You (Neither Will Folk Music)

She and I had an awfully musical week recently, got to check out Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps at the Pioneer Place for KVSC's Monday Night Live and see Doomtree at the Red Carpet later in the week. Two totally different groups and two totally awesome shows. 

New Bars for Gus

I dig 'em.

Looney Tunes

Andy doing the damn thing.


Happy Birthday Max!

Happy Birthday Max, you rule.

First Bike

I was lucky enough this weekend to go with a coworker and his 14 year old son to pick up his very first motorcycle. From the moment he heard that he was getting his first bike that day until we picked it up all he could talk about was motorcycles. All kinds of great questions about bikes, riding, gear....all that stuff. It was really cool to get a renewed sense of what riding is all about by seeing how pumped he was. It's not the prettiest bike, or the newest, and it needs a little work, but it didn't matter to him. I couldn't help but to be excited for him just by seeing how excited he was. Reminds me to put aside all the bullshit and just have fun riding, no matter what, when, where or how you're riding. Just enjoy yourself. 



Chuck Ragan - Ole Diesel

If you listen to no other music posts I ever post on here, please at least listen to this one. The video situation is unfortunate but the song is fanfuckingtastic. Listen all the way to the end too, like the whole thing! Don't dip out early, don't be that guy...

Even More Photo Fun With Pat Jensen

This is the last of them so enjoy!

Can't Have Too Many...

I just had to get it, it was too good of a deal to pass up. I feel like it would have been irresponsible of me as a motorcycle enthusiast to not buy it. I shall call it Gus.


My good buddy Jay runs a bad ass blog called RiverBillies all about his adventures of fishing on the Mighty Mississippi and some of his other extra curriculars and what not. This post is long overdue to promote his site so make sure you go check it out!

Mark's Speed Shop

Mark's about the nicest guy you'll ever meet and one hell of a mechanic. If you're in central MN and need anything from repairs to a motor build to an entire car build call Mark. 320-251-9484

Coming Soon!

Should be available in the store by the end of the weekend. 


I'm not gonna preach but...

As cool as you think you look cruising around without a helmet, keep this in mind. Icon just released this on the Facebook, it represents the areas by percentages that take a hit when you go down on your motorcycle. 

Also, a properly sized helmet is so comfortable and does nothing to obstruct your view so those tired old reasons are bull. Plus, you look like a douchebag cruising around helmetless anyways, you're not as tough as you think badass, wear a helmet. 

Personally, I highly recommend the following manufacturers based on my own experiences as well as the experiences of my friends:
You can check out all of these helmets and many more at your local powersports dealer (good place to go to get sized right) and you can find them all at a multitude of online retailers. You're welcome.