Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards - Switchblade (feat. Skinhead Rob)


More from Sadie & Chopper Dave

Yup, my life rules. Got a nice package today from Chopper Dave with a DVD of pictures he took of Sadie in our clothes and some cool other stuff (yeah, I get stuff in the mail from my heroes, what of it? I kid, I kid). I've got a lot of shots so they'll for sure be more to come. A HUGE thank you to both Sadie and Dave for doing this shoot. You both rule and like it or not will forever receive random crap from us to show our appreciation. So geeked right now....

S&tCK at The Fine Line on December 16th


"And Don't Call Me Shirley"

RIP Leslie Nielsen

PBR Show

Pat, Chelsea and I slinging our goods at the Pabst blue Rebellion show. We like to call this a plaidmanwich.

Believe it or not, the matching wasn't intended and this picture wasn't staged. We're just that good.

 A big thanks to Tom and the guys in Pabst Blue Rebellion for having us at the show. We had a great time meeting everyone and it was an excellent show. Hopefully we'll be doing many more of these in the future!

Sneak peek...

Here's a little preview of the pictures I got of Sadie shot by Chopper Dave....

It's such a ridiculous honor for me to have gotten these pics from Chopper Dave,total hero to me, everything he does is so rad. There's not much cooler to me than pictures of the gorgeous Sadie, in our clothes shot by Dave and sent to me. Anyways, they'll be many more to come in the next few days as I have time to get them posted....enjoy


LYDF Clothing Drive!!

We have decided to put together a clothing drive this year and are looking for help and support from our followers and friends. There is an ever increasing need in our communities for clothing, shelter, food and many other forms of assistance for a lot of families. What we're hoping to do this holiday season is ease this burden on as many of those families as possible. We're looking for as many blankets, shoes, gloves, hats, clothes, etc that we can get. What we're offering to do is come to your house and load everything up that you would like to donate. This way you don't need to take the extra time out of your day to make a contribution, we'll do the leg work for you. We will be collecting the clothes from today through Dec 19th, on the 19th we will be taking everything in that we have collected through this effort.

Personally speaking, I know that I have way too many t-shirts and sweatshirts of my own that would be much better served out of my closet and actually being worn by someone who needs them. Plus, a lot of them are pretty rad shirts and I feel like semi-current clothing is lacking in many second hand stores. I think this is a great chance to show that our generation cares for and is willing to help one another out. If you ask around a little bit I can just about guarantee that you will find someone who has or is currently using the resources that are available to those in need. Consider this helping a brother, sister or friend, not some random person.

So here's the pertinent info you'll need to know:
-we need hats, gloves, shoes, clothes
-we will pick them up and bring them in
-call or email me at 320-493-6573 or liveyoungdiefastmn@gmail.com with an idea of how much stuff you have and when you want it picked up
-we will be bringing everything in to the St. Cloud Salvation Army on Sunday, December 19th

We're really excited about this and the impact that we can make. We look forward to keeping you ll up to speed on our progress and thank you in advance for your donation!

Jon and Pat


Preachy Thanksgiving Message

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted to do a little ditty about what I'm thankful for this year. The last year has been a crazy ride but I'm coming out of it very gracious for a lot of things. First and foremost I'm thankful and proud of my 8 months of sobriety. It feels miraculous to be so clear minded and I certainly couldn't have done it without all the support from my friends and family. Which leads me nicely to my friends and family. I'm truly grateful to have such a loving and supportive family and hands down the best group of friends a guy could ask for. These dudes have been through a ton with me and have always been right at my side rooting me on no matter what situation arises. I believe that there is nothing in this world that a guy can't accomplish when he has a strong support system around him, and I really have the strongest, we all have an incredible bond and a great love for each other. I think that is probably pretty rare today. Thank you guys for that.

I'm also really thankful to be back in Central MN. I know not everyone thinks this place is so great, bitching about the cold long winters or that there's a better scene somewhere else. Well, to that I say "pppssssshhhhh". Make your own scene people! The folks around here are truly some of the greatest in the world and if you open your eyes and get out a bit you will find that we live in a community full of amazing artists, musicians, motorcycle builders, hot rodders and some very pretty ladies. I really think that we have a great scene here. As far as the winters go, I really don't care. I like wearing long underwear and let's face it, I look damn good in long sleeve flannel shirts so bring it on.

I'm very thankful to be able to call myself a business owner this year with the launch of Live Young Die Fast. I'm beyond grateful to my excellent friend, roommate, hetero life partner and Artistic Director Pat for all that he brings to the table as both a human being in general and a business partner. I could not and would not want to live the dream of running LYDF without Pat. There are so many other people that have played a role in LYDF from buying and wearing our gear to their moral support. A huge thanks to all of those people as well, you know who you are.

If you didn't really get it from the above reading, I'm just generally thankful for the life that I have today. I'm sober, got a good job, a great living situation, amazing friends and family and just generally feel like I really am "living the dream". I think the major key in all of this has been my sobriety, getting sober has taught me a lot. I feel like the last year has taught me so much that I've compiled a list of my rules to life (because I'm so all knowing and shit):
-tell your friends and family you love them often
-laugh hard enough that your face hurts, a lot
-be nice to people until they don't deserve it anymore
-listen to music really loud
-take risks, what's the worst that could happen?
-don't let anyone ever tell you what you "have to" do
-do whatever you want in life as long as it doesn't harm others and do it now
-don't take yourself seriously
-always shift in front of girls, no matter what
-don't wait for life to happen, make it happen
-just relax and be nice
-send me cash gifts I'm brainwashing you....

I feel like this is getting all preachy so I'm gonna stop now. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Travel safe and enjoy whatever it is that you're doing today.



Pabst Blue Rebellion, Bay of Pigs and The New Suns are playing this Friday at The Rox! Show starts around 9:00, get there early, it's gonna be rad. Promise. I'm gonna throw my underwear at Tom.


I was just going through some pictures on my internet machine and found a ton of shots of my old dog Hank. He was such a rad guy, I miss him a lot. Anyways, here's a few for you all to enjoy.

No matter how big he got the dude always thought he was a lap dog. I woke up from naps with him on top of me more times than I can count.


Jim Carroll - Untitled - 1996

I admire your trend
Do you know where I could get one?
Do you wanna sell yours?

The positions we use when making love determine the next day's weather
Tomorrow it will rain

Don't you care that each time the telephone rings a green sea turtle dies
Are you in fear that you have not fulfilled it all by now?

Was Rene right?
I mean don't you long some nights  for your complacent scene to be conquered?

It's time you began to dissolve a comfort of your separation
Now and with grace
Before the hinges shoot loose in distress of the longing hordes
the homeless, the Pakistanis, the Freemasons in their high-backed chairs

Have you isolated your rage?
And what route have  you designated to dispose of it?
How often do you in a day fear losing it all?
Don't worry, don't worry, you'll get home
Just remember to keep the river on the right.


True Story

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain


Moustache of the Month

I love a good moustache. Hell, I even love a bad moustache. What else can be hilarious, classy and creepy all at the same time?! For a while now I've been threatening to do a "Moustache of the Month" feature on here, the following pictures were sent to me tonight and effectively convinced me that I have a responsibility to do this feature.

Thank you Ben for growing this masterpiece and thank you Jodi for sending me the pictures. I am forever in your debt and will never look at you the same again.

"Creepy Uncle Bubba"

"Fat Hitler Disapproves"

"The Lemmy Scream"

"White Trash Wake up"

The fact that they named these pictures as they sent them to me made it even better. This is going to be a new monthly feature so feel free to send me your moustache pics at liveyoungdiefastmn@gmail.com , feel free to name your 'stache as well. I'm inappropriately happy about this, like, in kind of a weird way. Whatever.

Clothing Order Info

Huge thanks to all the people who have placed orders lately. So you know, everything is in the process of being printed now since our inventory was essentially depleted due to previous orders. Your stuff should be showing up in about two weeks, you'll get an email confirmation when it's shipped. You'll also be getting some extra swag for your patience.

If You Hate Great Live Music Please Don't Come To This Show

Otherwise, you're for sure gonna want to come out to the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis to see Setara & the Chubby Knuckles on December 16th. Promises to be a great show as usual with S&tCK and we'll be helping out at the merch table and selling our stuff as well.

Beg, borrow, steal, do what you gotta do, but get your self to this show. You are not going to want to miss out!

7:00 - Doors

7:30 - Anthony Perry
8:45 - Nick Riley
10:00 - Matthew Griswold
11:00 - Setara and the Chubby Knuckles w/ special guest Mawuli

$5 at door, 21+

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Pat will be showcasing some of his work at the upcoming St. Cloud Downtown Art Crawl at St. Cloud Floral. Along with Pat's work, his mother will also have some of her art. Word is there's even gonna be some live painting action! Loyal followers of this site have seen first hand how amazing Pat's stuff in so if you have a chance stop by and meet the man behind the genious.

Here's the nitty gritty of it:

Art Crawl and Live Painting! (featuring artwork by Pat Jensen and Ruth Jensen McGrath)

Friday, November 19 · 5:00pm - 9:00pm
St. Cloud Floral (Downtown St. Cloud)
515 West St. Germain

Run an tell dat.....homeboy!

I'm a Winner!!

Trevor Muzik from Olde Town Tattoos recently held a drawing of sorts to give a way a free tattoo of his choosing and I won! Here's what I got:
I'm really stoked on it, Trevor did a great job! Check out Trevor and more of his work here:
Trevor Muzik


St. Cloud Skate Plaza!

I painted and donated a couple skate decks to the annual art exhibit/fundraiser over the last two years. I'm very proud to know that I helped raise a few hundred dollars. It feels pretty surreal to see a video like this, from one of the huge skate magazines that I grew up reading. Check it out:

I will skate it. I will take photos of some local heroes skating it. My inner child is so geeked right now.

A huge thank you and applause to EVERYONE who took any part in making this happen.



Thank a Veteran Today

They're the reason we're free to have the liberties we do, like silly little blogs on the interweb.

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave" Elmer Davis


Couple o Birthday Pics

I feel like I was forced into wearing that filthy germ infested sombrero.

For whatever reason, Troy seems to have a desire to wear Alana's coat as soon as she takes it off. As he put it "it fits me right in all the wrong places"

Love these girls....

My god daughter Alayna as Dorothy and her big sis Larissa as a cat. Great pic, had to share it. Thanks Sue for sending this one!

Whatchu lookin' at?

Best Birthday Yet

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate, if you missed last night you really missed a lot. Nights like last night make a guy realize how many rad friends he has no matter how many teeth are missing between them.



You smell that?

Haha! This picture of my cousin Moe just cracks me up!

Anyways, November is shaping up to be a pretty busy month so I just wanted to take a minute to remind you all of a few things going down.

-November 2nd - Don't forget to vote!!

-November 4th - Reverend Horton Heat, Split Lip Rayfield and The Legendary Shack Shakers at First Ave. More info here . Seriously do everything within your power to go to this show, you will not regret it!

-November 6th - My 58th birthday! (I look young for my age) We're gonna be celebrating with a dinner at Mexican Village at 8pm and we're heading all the way across the street to The Tav afterwards. Troy's donating his free keg for the party. The more the merrier so c'mon out and celebrate me making it this far. Free hugs for all in attendance, hot chicks get two hugs, dudes get one each. Plus, because of all the daylight savings stuff we'll be celebrating me for 25 hours this year. Whaaaaat?? Yup!

-November 13th - The St. Cloud Skate Plaza Grand Opening is happening at 10am. This is a long time coming so come check it out and support the people that all pitched in to get this built.

-November 19th - The genius behind the LYDF artwork, my partner and fellow moustache aficionado Pat Jensen will be showing some of his artwork at the St. Cloud Art Crawl this month. Pat's display will be at St. Cloud Floral so go check it out! He'll have more info posted closer to the date.

-November 26th - Bay of Pigs, The New Suns and Pabst Blue Rebellion will be playing at The Rox with the show starting around 9pm and PBR going onstage around midnight. We'll be selling LYDF gear at this show so stop by and pat our butts or something.

I've got a number of friends with November birthdays as well so here's an early happy birthday from me to Maggie, Shelly, Kim, Thaddeus, Bill, Eddie, Madelina, Bobbi, Chad, Sam, Kelly, Vilma, Trevor, Zack, Darren, Alana and Claudia!

Coming Soon...

We're excited to announce that our clothes will be available soon at Good Clean Fun Tattoos in Monticello! Stop in to see John and the crew there and checkout their Facebook page here:
Good Clean Fun Tattoos

Also, we will be selling our stuff at the Pabst Blue Rebellion show at The Rox on November 26th. You can check out the Facebook/MySpace pages for both The Rox and Pabst Blue Rebellion here:
Pabst Blue Rebellion
The Rox/Tav