You smell that?

Haha! This picture of my cousin Moe just cracks me up!

Anyways, November is shaping up to be a pretty busy month so I just wanted to take a minute to remind you all of a few things going down.

-November 2nd - Don't forget to vote!!

-November 4th - Reverend Horton Heat, Split Lip Rayfield and The Legendary Shack Shakers at First Ave. More info here . Seriously do everything within your power to go to this show, you will not regret it!

-November 6th - My 58th birthday! (I look young for my age) We're gonna be celebrating with a dinner at Mexican Village at 8pm and we're heading all the way across the street to The Tav afterwards. Troy's donating his free keg for the party. The more the merrier so c'mon out and celebrate me making it this far. Free hugs for all in attendance, hot chicks get two hugs, dudes get one each. Plus, because of all the daylight savings stuff we'll be celebrating me for 25 hours this year. Whaaaaat?? Yup!

-November 13th - The St. Cloud Skate Plaza Grand Opening is happening at 10am. This is a long time coming so come check it out and support the people that all pitched in to get this built.

-November 19th - The genius behind the LYDF artwork, my partner and fellow moustache aficionado Pat Jensen will be showing some of his artwork at the St. Cloud Art Crawl this month. Pat's display will be at St. Cloud Floral so go check it out! He'll have more info posted closer to the date.

-November 26th - Bay of Pigs, The New Suns and Pabst Blue Rebellion will be playing at The Rox with the show starting around 9pm and PBR going onstage around midnight. We'll be selling LYDF gear at this show so stop by and pat our butts or something.

I've got a number of friends with November birthdays as well so here's an early happy birthday from me to Maggie, Shelly, Kim, Thaddeus, Bill, Eddie, Madelina, Bobbi, Chad, Sam, Kelly, Vilma, Trevor, Zack, Darren, Alana and Claudia!

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