brian fallon from the gaslight anthem performing Hallelujah


Momma's Boy

One of my favorite tattoos done by Ben at Ink Factory in Hudson, WI.
The irony of a "Mom" tattoo on a guy whose mother doesn't particularly care for tattoos is not lost on me.

Bend in the River

She hadn't yet seen in person the park where we're getting married. We drove out there and snapped a few photos. She's so pretty. 


My Face Hurts

I had some screws taken out of my jaw this morning and a couple of implants installed. 
The goal is to have real fake teeth by the wedding. 

One of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite memories. 

Getting Closer

This motor was filthy with a lot of oxidation. It's taking a lot of well spent time to get it looking good again but I'm getting there. It'll be back in the frame looking all pretty 'n shit in no time. 

All Pro Powder Coating

My buddy Andrew runs All Pro Powder Coating and dropped off my frame today. It turned out really great, he got it back to me crazy fast too. One of the really nice deals with All Pro is that they are totally down to powder coat a handful of small pieces you've got but have the capacity to do huge commercial runs as well. Real good people there. 


Handsome Troy

It's Handsome Troy's birthday today. He's been my best friend for a lot of years, we've done and been through a lot together, like a brother but closer. Here's to many more years and miles together my friend. Enjoy your day and thank you for all that you do.



One of the things I love about Kayla (besides her curly hair and rockin' bod) is her sense of humor. Few people can make me laugh the way she can. I think that humor causes happiness and that just seems healthy to me. We laugh and smile a lot around HQ, enough so that it cancels out the times we frown and cry. Seems to me that in itself should be one of the fundamental things to strive for in life; be happier more often than not. I imagine that when Kayla and I are old, fat, and bald (hopefully just me) we'll at least be able to make each other laugh. 


Self Piv

Gathered up my supplies, head into the shop and locked the door tonight. Progress was made, stress was relieved, odd, late night self pivs were taken. 


Liberty Tools

I love old tools. They have a soul; they've fixed things, damaged things, been lost, been found, created something beautiful and shed someone's blood. There's something about them that can not be found in a big box store tool. All Liberty Tools is old tools and not to be collected but to be used by modern day craftspeople. Neat stuff.

The video was made by Andrew David Watson. Check him out too, very talented guy.

Relaxing Night At HQ


Built Not Bought

Especially productive night in the garage, few more odds and ends and it's time to tear down.


Minnesota Futures LLC

My buddy Bob is doing some very cool stuff right now with Minnesota Futures LLC that you need to know about. He's set up to laser engrave just about anything (he did the valve cover rose), print anything on just about anything (like prints *ahem* tattoo artist friends...), all 3rd party fulfillment, super low start up costs for multiple items but also priced right for smaller runs. 

When we first started the conversation about doing this on few parts on Glory Bound we handled every via email, all he needed from me was a few specifics and a design, easy as that. Looking at this from the outside in I can see how so very many businesses and people could use his services. Plus, Bob is super laid back, he provides you with the facts, no pressure, and answer all your questions. 

Check him out! 

Still true. Still worth it.