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LYDF Betty Update - Babs!

Here's some excellent pictures of the absolutely beautiful Babs!

Photos By Pat



First of all, I would like to thank Jon Helm personally for being a kick-ass merch guy for both Setara & the Chubby Knuckles and LYDF. Thank you Jon!! Your a fantastic guy to be affiliated with and a great friend!

Secondly, the December 16th show at the Fine Line was very successful. We had a lot of good people come support us and bring clothes for the clothing drive. We even had a bunch of stuff make its way here for the clothing drive all the way from Pennsylvania. Awesome! Thanks to everyone who donated and who came out to make the evening as successful as it was! We did well enough that we can now play weekend shows at the Fine Line! That's a big deal to us!

The last thing I want to talk about for now is the upcoming self titled CD release show for our Pachyderm Recordings. We are pleased to announce that the CD release show will be held on January 27th at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN. I hope all of you will venture on over for the show to help make it bigger then the last one. Our CD will be available for purchase finally and we want to celebrate it with you!! To RSVP to the show via Facebook please click HERE. Please tell your friends and spread word of the show. Its easy to do using FB. Just select guests to invite and voila!

Any questions for the show let me know! We will see you there!

Got Some New Old Artwork

It's old but it's new to me.

Time With An Old Friend

JD is home visiting from the Marines. 'Twas a night full of smart talking and belly laughs. Good to see you again my friend.


Uncle Pat

This is a very small selection of some the artwork and photography of my roommate, business partner and hohohoooomeboy Pat Jensen. Enjoy the genius of Uncle Pat!

Pat's brand logo; Flea

This is a painting of my girlfriend Pat did*

Eyedea painting done live at the last St. Cloud Art Crawl

Skate deck painted and donated by Pat for a skate park fundraiser auction. Happened to be the highest bid of the night too!

A work in progress of my bike...

Gas tank Pat did last year for my 350

*this statement is not true

Max's Helmet Cam

I really wish I was as cool at 11 years old as my Godson Max is now....anyways, check out the video he just made. He'll also be competing at the Bald E-Gal cup finals tomorrow so send some good vibes his way. Good luck Max!



We gots the goods to make some magic now. Contact us here for pricing and info for all of your 1" button making needs.


Pretty Girl

Photo by Danny Lyon.
Look into him, amazing stuff. 

My Generation

I don't have any kids (phew!) but I do have a lot of younger cousins so I often find myself thinking about the state of this great nation that we live in and what it will be like for them as they grow into adulthood. (This is all assuming that the Myans have it wrong and the world isn't actually ending in 2012, but that's a whole different deal.) As I was saying, I do think about these things and had a really great conversation with a buddy of mine recently regarding it and how we felt so I figured I'd share some of those ideas with you guys. Take all this however you like, personally I wouldn't take it too seriously considering I'm not an authority on anything outside of which bar in St. Cloud has the best tap OJ. (The Tav)

It seems as though in this day and age too many people look for an easy out and have a "do me" mentality. By that I mean that they're always looking for how they can directly benefit and are only looking out for #1. Do you realize how something as simple as holding the door open for someone, saying "thank you", shoveling a neighbors sidewalk, etc can have such a great impact? One simple, courteous act could change the course of that person's day for the better and I believe that the start to any sort of social change is rooted in deeds like this. You don't need to go out and make some grand world changing gesture, you just need to make small, conscious decisions to be a decent human being. It really just comes down to being the change that you want to see in the world (thank Gandhi for that one). There is absolutely no reason not to do the right thing in virtually every situation.

Also, I hear a lot of talk about "I wish I was around in such and such generation when things were easier and life was so much better". That's bullshit. Every generation has its problems and probably said the same thing. Hey, at least we're not hiding under school desks thinking it will protect us from nuclear warfare. If a simpler life is what you're looking for then create it. Believe it or not every single one of you influences the people in your life in one way or another. If you start to act or behave in a certain manner chances are that it will spread throughout your social circle and beyond. So, quit whining and do the work. I think our generation has an incredible opportunity to create drastic positive change. When I look around at all the people I know in my age group I see an enormous amount of under utilized talent. Guess what folks, life wasn't meant to be lived in a bar bitching about the state of the world. Get out, start a business, create art, donate your time or talent, write a book, climb a mountain, do something! I've personally taken a lot of risks over the last year and I've been scared a couple of times but it's paid off so far. Plus, if it blows up in my face (insert rim joke here) at least I can say I tried. So, I would suggest that you quit worrying about what things used to be like and instead work on making today better.

So, there you have folks. Go out and make some waves, create some positive change that will benefit future generations. It really isn't that hard, just remember to take pride in whatever you're doing and do it well.

I guess I just really feel like people have become too complacent and only complain about change but refuse to work towards it. Having a great idea and not doing anything with it is completely worthless. I thought about riding my motorcycle to NYC a lot and last summer I finally did it. Someone asked why I finally went and I said because I don't ever want to tell my grandkids that I had a great idea about riding to New York. So, put the rubber to the road and make a difference.

Or, print this post off and burn it, I don't really give a shit either way.

Good Clean Fun

We're excited to announce that Good Clean Fun Tattoos is all stocked up with LYDF gear! Stop in to say hello to John and the guys, get some ink and pick up some clothes. If nothing else, you for sure want to stop by to see the great art work that's always happening around that shop. Thanks GCF and welcome to the LYDF Family!

Good Clean Fun Tattoos
9375 Deegan Ave NE Suite #2
Monticello, MN 55362

Bald E-Gal Cup


New LYDF Hang Tags

You'll be seeing these little gems on all our clothes from now. I get really stoked on simple stuff like this.


Setara & the Chubby Knuckles Tomorrow Night!

Don't miss out!
We'll be selling clothes and throwing a free shirt into the drawing for the night. Stop out to see S&tCK and say hi.

LYDF Clothing Drive

We're nearing the end of the first ever LYDF Clothing Drive. We would like to have all of the donations in by Sunday December 19th so please get a hold of me soon to pick up any donations that are out there. Call me at 320-493-6573. Thanks!


Pabst Blue Rebellion

PBR will be playing at The Rox again on January 7th! We'll be hanging out at the merch table once again so stop by and tell us we're handsome (we have very low self esteem).