DR and VFR

I think it's always really important to help your parents out whenever you can, so when my Dad asked if he could store his bikes at our place while he moves I graciously obliged. Plus, one is a street legal dirt bike and the other is a super fast sport bike so....duh 


1977 Harley Davidson Ironhead Project - $1600

I don't know much about it except that it seems to be all there but it's a project. Call Bruce and he can tell you all about it. 320-980-7060

1947 Farmall Cub A

In 1950 or '51 my Grandpa Gresser bought this Farmall Cub A along with loads of attachments at an auction. At the time he would use it to care for his and his neighbors small, semi-urban farms. When Grandpa passed away my mother inherited the tractor. Last weekend we took it out to the small farm of a lifelong friend of hers to be used for both work and fun and after sitting for nearly three years of no use it only took some fresh gas and a new battery to make it run like new...for about an hour until it blew a radiator hose...oh well.

I've had the opportunity to ride motorcycles at some very serious speeds (I won't post actual numbers because my Mom reads this blog and that's something she just really doesn't need to know) and it is so intense and such a rush...this is nothing like that at all...yet it's still an absolute blast. There's something so very cool in the simplicity of it all.