10,000 Words (Acoustic)


Pretty Lady Tank Top by Nick Hams

LYDF Clothing live young die fast tank top girls design nick hams
Only $12 in the STORE Specify if you want pink or gray in the order comments. Get them before they're gone!



He's pretty excited about being Spiderman at our wedding next year. Because it wouldn't be a proper wedding without a Spiderman, duh.

Knees in the Breeze

Went for a nice ride today down to the Blind Lizzard show in Minneapolis with my Dad for Father's Day. Nice ride, cool bikes, good food, great day. 


Flying Merkel

original paint BMW gas tank

Kid in sidecar


Whacked Out Weirdo and A Love Bug Junkie

So tonight she grabs her guitar that she hasn't touched in months, unfolds a piece of paper in front of her with some words and notes on it, plays and sings John Prine and Iris DeMent's "In Spite Of Ourselves" perfectly. Mind blown.



After going through a bunch of our own stuff at the LYDF Ranch over the last couple of days, the future Mrs. and I gathered up quite a few items to bring to our local Goodwill to donate to folks that really need it. So, since I'm going anyways, I want to extend the offer to absolutely anyone in the St. Cloud area that I will come gladly come by and pick up anything you want to donate. You can call or text me at 320-339-6177 or email me at liveyoungdiefastmn@gmail.com with your information before Saturday the 16th. Lots of people think about donating around the holidays, but the fact is that they need stuff around any seasonal change and now is that time. Let me know what you got and let's get this done. Thanks!


Max Schaaf Born Free 4 Video

I've never personally never met Max Schaaf but from the outside in, he seems like a super fucking cool guy. He's also built most of my favorite bikes out there. Watch the video and follow his stuff at 4Q Conditioning

Samskwatch Sighting

sasquatch sighting in northern minnesota

Hand Tools

Been kickin' it old school on a few woodworking projects lately. Slow going, but I like the control I have over every aspect of the project. 
Hunter S Thompson
“Some people will tell you that slow is good – but I’m here to tell you that fast is better. I’ve always believed this, in spite of the trouble it’s caused me. Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba…” - HST

Dang 'Ol Shoot

Just Right

When we were first going to move in with each other and we found our place we loved it except for the fact that the garage isn't very big at all. I assumed she was going to want to park her car in there or store a bunch of crap in it or something silly like that. While we were discussing whether or not this place would work for us she made it very clear that we would not be parking in the garage or using it to store a bunch of stuff, but rather it would be mine, all mine to work on my many many projects. Shit like that just reminds me of why and how much I love my chick. I had been pretty vagrant for a couple of years and was really excited about having my own place again and she knew how much it meant to me to have my own space to work. She's smart like that, seems to know me better than I know myself sometimes. 

Flea Market Score

$7 for the lot.


For Sale

Handmade with love, prefer local sale but can arrange for delivery as well. Check the CL ad below for more details. First link is for the table, other two are for some shelves.