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Cover Your Pecs

With one of our new sweatshirts!

We've added men's pullovers and women's zip up hoodies to the store. They're both available in a bunch of color options. Check it out here. 


Junk in the woods

IWhile tromping around in the woods, Dad and I found an old car wreck. I have no idea what it is, as all the emblems had been stripped. Whatever happened to it must have been pretty serious, as it was torn completely in two. 


A Walk in the Woods

I was told that there was an old building on the property around our house but couldn't find it before because it was surrounded by such thick brush. With the changing of the seasons and the greens turning to browns it was easy to spot. Looks to have been an old workshop of some sort. 


I decided to take my birthday off of work this year so I could have a laid back day with my wife. It was perfect, we walked around in the woods, shot guns, went to dinner with my Ma and I got this rad long sleeve from Noise because Kayla rules. Thanks you everyone for the FB posts, texts, emails and calls...makes a guy feel real special. 


Support Your Local Riff Raff

Dessa at The Red Carpet

Dessa has the most impressive stage presence I've ever seen. She puts every last drop of energy she has into her shows and gets right in there with the fans, last night was no exception. If Dessa and/or Doomtree are coming anywhere near your town do yourself a favor and get there.