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Ichabod Speed Shop

My good friend Jake Marshall is working diligently as we speak in preparation to open up his new shop in St. Paul, Ichabod Speed Cooperative. Some of you may know Jake; you're for sure as stoked as I am for the new shop. For those of you that don't know Jake; you are in for a treat. Whether it's a ground up hot rod build, welding on the hardtail for your chopper, sourcing some oddball parts, rebuilding your Nailhead or whatever else you can think of, he's your man. I asked Jake to give me an idea of what Ichabod Speed Shop will be all about, here it is from the man himself:

The Ichabod Speed Shop was built on the founding phrase, "Glory has Departed". While the current trends of automotive and motorcycle culture lean heavily on pricey aftermarket "bolt on" performance accessories. We in the blue collar hot rod and chop culture are not always available to such luxuries. This is a simple explanation as to why the preservation of time honored skills such as traditional hot rod and custom car building is so important. Our focus is simple, Purpose Built & Period Correct.

No matter if your driving a chopped pre war sled that needs service, or building a 60's bobber that could benefit from a new wiring harness. A salt flat styled street car with a noisy lifter and wobble at 70mph, or an original equipment stocker with a back seat full of parts just begging to become a nitro burning Gasser. Ichabod is up to the task. Inside our doors, craftsmanship and letting our work speak for itself is held in the highest regard. Our workforce is a small collective made up of builders, mechanics, artists, and fabricators. All who share a common theory "Live to Build, Build to live", This is who we are and what we represent.

So if you happen to find yourself looking for anything from a tune up to a complete custom build on your vintage or antique cars, trucks, and motorcycles, look no further then the Ichabod Speed Cooperative.

Just a few of our services offered:

- Hand built parts and general fabrication
- Engine building and performance work
- Custom chassis and suspension upgrades
- Complete drive-line service and repair
- Body sectioning and chopped tops
- Assistance with vehicle & parts locating.

Find us:
In real life@: 2554 Como Ave. Unit 6 St Paul. MN 55108 
( Less then 2 miles west of State Fair grounds south entrance on Como, behind the Station 280 bar.)
On the Internet@: Ichabodresto@gmail.com
On the Phone@: New shop number available soon

Prior to opening up the new shop Jake had been toiling away on his own projects in northern Michigan, here's a few pictures he sent from his time there. 

Ichabod Speed Shop

Ichabod Speed Shop

Shoebox Ford

Ichabod Speed Cooperative

You will see a lot more information about Ichabod Speed Shop on here. Stay tuned....


Busy, busy, busy...

I've been crazy busy with a number of projects for a bit now and thus haven't been updating the blog lately. Sorry everyone. It's been insane. But here are a couple shots of my studio. Somebody smart probably has a wise ass comment about how a workspace is a reflection of the mind of the craftsman. That guy is a liar and a jerk. I heard that guy drives a Yugo and hates the things you like. Also he said something terrible about your mom. 

I've got a number of really cool designs coming out for you all really soon, and would like to hear suggestions from you also. 

Love you. 
Mean it.


Riff raff

This is my favorite shirt from LYDF. And it's so fucking soft now that it has been washed a shit ton.


Mike Stodolka

Mike has built more rad bikes than most of us ever will. Mike's one of the few that does every bit of it himself too. As soon as his computer is fixed you'll see pictures of some paint projects he's been working on. In the meantime pics of my tank that Mike worked his magic on will have to do. 

Glory Bound

The foot pegs not being even drove me nuts and after breaking one on a test ride gone bad the problem was easily corrected. 

Handsome Troy


USS Arizona

My Great Uncle Merritt was on the USS Arizona 72 years ago today. It's brave men like him that are the reason we're all here enjoying our freedom. Thank you to all service men and women past and present. 



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