Good Guys and Bad Guys

Serious playtime. 

I Miss Sadie

She supported us more than anyone when we first started. Easily our biggest fan to this day and a great friend. Gone way too early and dearly missed. 

First Friday Next Friday

Same place and time as usual. Unfortunately I have to miss this one. Do your best to make it though and send me pictures afterwards!


Adam is here!

Couldn't be happier for our friends Colleen and Andy welcoming their first born Adam into the world tonight! Can't wait to make his acquaintance and get to know the little guy. 


Death Trap

Death Trap has a long and interesting past. Hopefully soon you'll be reading all about it in some national publications.....stay tuned.


In less than a year I get to marry the best chick I've ever known. I'm real stoked about it. Just got to keep her locked up for another 10 months or so....

Square Headlights

Don't always do it for me, but sometimes they are perfect. 


Ink Factory Tattoos - Hudson, WI

This is where you need to be in the western Wisconsin/Twin Cities area for some really quality work. Everyone there is incredibly talented and it's a great shop to spend time in. Ben Yanok has been tattooing me and a number of friends for years, besides being seriously talented he's an all around great guy and the same can be said for everyone there. Check them out at Ink Factory Tattoos

The Bird

This picture really cracks me up. Jr is going to be here any day now, we're all anxiously awaiting his arrival. 

Our Better Halves