Tiffini Truth

I'm beyond excited to be working with Tiffini now. She's super rad and a stone cold fox, this is just a little preview for you...more to come soon.

Check out more of Tiffini at Nubian Nightmare and her Facebook Page!

On a side note, it's really good to be me :)




Pat Jensen Rules

Here's some examples of the magic that happens when Pat creates. There's a slew of his artwork around HQ, its incredibly fun to watch him work on one of these from start to finish, it's a really fun process. Enjoy!


Free LYDF Trucker Hats!

Just got these in, have them in a bunch of different colors. The first 10 people to buy up LYDF gear at The Youth Shelter Supply score a free hat and I'll even extend that offer to the first 10 purchases at on our online STORE through tomorrow evening. Go now!


Happy Birthday Troy!

It's Troy's birthday today so I want to take a chance to wish him the best! Troy's my best friend and hands down the most solid dude around. He's always been there for me through some really heavy shit, he'll do anything and everything he can for his friends and is just a really good human being. Not to mention the most talented guy on two wheels that I know. So, happy birthday again buddy, love ya and I'll see you tonight!


Mike Ness

Been listening to this a lot lately, excellent album.

Summertime By George

Running every Wednesday from 5-9pm, June 8th-August 31st at Lake George this year is a brand new event to St. Cloud. I'm really pumped about this because they are working very hard to get artists and vendors that are a bit outside of the norm to make this a unique event. There's going to be live music, local food vendors, artisans, demonstrations, etc. You can sign up for as many or as few weeks as you like for only $10 per week. I have a feeling that vendor space is going to fill up fast so you'll want to get on top of this soon, I've already talked to a few interested people that can bring something really great to this event. I really really urge artists of all forms to be a part of this event and help represent our demographic in St. Cloud, we need to embrace these opportunities when they're available to use. Also, this seems like a perfect chance to get some cars and motorcycles out for people to check out outside of the typical car or bike show format. I know we'll for sure have a booth down there...probably even bring some motorcycles and pretty girls with us.

For more information you can email me directly at liveyoungdiefastmn@gmail.com and I can get you started with some information to get a vendor space.


Zeitgeist Moving Forward and Z-Day Meeting

This is going down tomorrow at Westside Liquor Learning and Event Center starting at 4:30 for the planning of Z-Day events. If you missed the last one, you'll definitely want to be here. The movie portion of the evening will be starting at 6pm so if you can't make it earlier certainly try to be there for that part. It's our responsibility as human beings to create social change, this is a great resource in showing you how that can be done.


Autumn Dies

Got some excellent shots of our newest model Autumn today! All the shots are from Eric Harbaugh at Erics Eyes Photography
The t-shirt Autumn's wearing is one of our newest items, exclusively available at The Youth Shelter Supply for now.

Thanks again Autumn!


LYDF at The Youth Shelter Supply!

LYDF Clothing is now available at The Youth Shelter Supply in Waite Park! We've got some never before seen ladies stuff (not even on the website), down there. AND the first 10 people to buy some of our gear get a free LYDF trucker hat! Boom!

Peter the Spider Plant

I'm really happy to announce that after a nearly fatal situation, Peter the Spider plant appears to be doing much better. He's even standing on his own now and showing some additional foliage. Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

One of my very favorites...

Minnesota Street Market Potluck-Silent Auction-Celebration!

This is happening at the new co-op in St. Joe this Sunday, February 20th at the former Loso's. Here's the info from the FB invite they sent out.

"Our neighbors, the Minnesota Street Market will be providing music, a potluck (bring dishes if you can!), kids activities, a Silent Auction, lots of friends and energy! Find out about the new Coop, what a coop is, and how you can help. This is YOUR grocery store! Dave Cofell, Adam Hammer, Collective Unconscious, the Monday Night Jazz Trio, Lisa Lynn and others will be performing. This is an exciting new day for downtown St Joseph!!! Come lend your support and enjoy an afternoon of good food, good laughs, and making history!"



We're running a great sale on the last of a few items until they're gone! Check them out below, then head over to the STORE to pick some stuff up.

 On sale from $18 to $10

 On sale from $18 to $10

On sale from $35 to $25 

For All Your Inquiring Minds

Below is an explanation of the Live Young Die Fast name that I previously posted at the end of August. I've once again been getting questions from folks about the name and as much as I like telling the story, I figured I'd put it up here as well. The more you know me, the more the name makes sense, this just gives you a general idea. So there you have it.

"The Meaning of Life

Well, no, not really. The meaning of "Live Young Die Fast" actually. Recently, seemingly with the advent of our new shirts, the meaning of the L.Y.D.F. was brought into question by a few people wondering why I switched the words around from the more popular "Live Fast Die Young".

Allow me to break it down for you. When I was pondering names for this blog and what would subsequently become a business venture I went through a ton of different ideas and falling short of what I really wanted to convey until one fateful day...(that sounds so dramatic in my head) I got some stupid email forward from a friend of mine and somewhere in it the phrase "Live Fast Die Young" was used. I kept looking at it and thinking that it sounds kind of cool but really didn't make any sense for me personally. I don't wanna die young, I wanna live to be super old and call kids whipper-snappers and take their baseballs when they land in my yard. Plus, I feel like I've already done quite a bit of fast livin' and frankly, all it got me was a lot of hard learned lessons and hard times. The more I thought about it the more I felt the two words should be switched around. For me it makes perfect sense, I think that "growing up" can really negatively affect a person. I like the idea of always staying young, (cue Peter Pan reference) at least at heart. Of course we all have to grow older, pay bills, go to work, be responsible, yada yada yada, but that's no excuse to lose your inner child. It just seems that kids are happy so often and are so light-hearted and carefree because they're not caught up in the troubles of the world. That's exactly how I intend to live my life (and you can't tell me what to do cuz you're not the boss of me, neener neener neener). As far as the dying fast part, I guess that it just goes along with switching the words around, and not to sound morbid or anything, but I hope that when the grim reaper comes looking for me it comes swiftly.

So there you have it, now quit asking and get your credit cards out and head over to the LYDF store This young livin' and fast dying shit ain't free ya know.

Say hello to your mother for me,



Function? Form?

It'd look bitchin' with some neon green wheels.

Sam Pandolfo Exhibit

"Panoramic Dream: Sam Pandolfo, the Pan Motor Company and St. Cloud"

This exhibit is happening through February 25th at the Stearns County History Museum! I've seen the movie and it's a really great story and a historic part of our town that I think a lot of people don't know about. So who's going with me??? Ladies???

Dumb Love Photo Booth!!

The pics are up!!

Check out the photo albums here: Album 1 of 3 Album 2 of 3 Album 3 of 3

Do You Wanna Dance With Me?!

Peanut Butter & Rail Jam

This is going down Saturday, February 19th at Powder Ridge. You can pre-register on The Youth Shelter Supply's website, entry is free, there's gonna be free food and cash prizes so check it out!

Troy's Sportster Build



This bike is super rad! I finally got to see it in person today, almost finished. Another example of why Troy is cooler than the rest of us.

Me and the Girls


Let's Be Friends

Check out our Facebook fan page yo.


Civil Disobedience

"It does not keep the country free. It does not settle the West. It does not educate. The character inherent in the American people has done all that has been accomplished; and it would have done somewhat more, if the government had not sometimes got in its way." - Thoreau


Don't Forget...

to come to The Tav tonight for Dumb Love! Starts around 7ish, should be a rootin' tootin' good time. Wouldn't wanna miss a chance to hang with a couple of rad dudes like us right??

The photo booth we built turned out really bitchin', plus word on the street is this is where all the cool kids will be. See you there!


Family Dinner

We had another excellent Family Dinner at Troy's place tonight, great food and great company. I can't thank Candace enough for cooking and even sending us home with these heart shaped rice krispies bars. Tonight ruled!


St. Cloud Pet Expo

Come out to the first ever St. Cloud Pet Expo on April 2nd from 10am-4pm at the St. Cloud Armory. This event is being sponsored by the Tri County Humane Society, for more details check out http://www.stcloudpetexpo.com/


"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."
-Abraham Lincoln


Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Showing & Z-Day Meeting

This is happening at the Westside Liquor Learning and Event Center in Sartell on February 23rd at 4:30 pm. Whether or not you made it to the first Zeitgeist Event put on or not, you should definitely make it to this one. It sounds like we'll be viewing the third movie then have some time for a discussion. Do what you can to get here, this is a really fun informative thing to be involved in.