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Read These Books

"Big Sid's Vincati" is a really amazing story about a father and son who didn't always have a great relationship but did always have the love of motorcycles keeping them together. In the book one of the finest Vincent tuners in history falls ill and his adult son is forced to take on his care. Through this they come to build a motorcycle that only 7 other people in the world (all Australians) have ever built, a Vincati, as well as restore their relationship. Let me know if you want to borrow it, it's an easy read that you won't want to put down. You can also read more about Big Sid and his son on their website http://www.bigsid.com/.
Here's an excerpt from an interview with Matthew Biberman regarding his book:

Q: You mention Pirsig and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Do you see your book as a response to his classic?

A: Yes, very much so. I was very moved when I read about the death of Pirsig’s son Chris. When I wrote this book, I felt that I was giving voice to Chris—and to all the kids who grew up on the back of a bike, getting hauled all over god’s creation. This book is for them.

"Into Thin Air" is a true story of one of the greatest tragedies to happen on Mount Everest since the summit was first attained almost 100 years ago. In this story Jon Krakauer recalls how he was sent to Everest to write an article for a magazine about the commercialization of the mountain and local climbing industry. Instead he ends up on a 2 1/2 month climb that leaves 12 people dead. Jon's name may sound familiar as he also wrote "Into the Wild".

"There's no job security in Tchaikovsky"

I'm certainly not saying that I agree with everything in this article, however I do think that it's an interesting opinion piece that is well worth your time.


Hot Stuff!

They just don't make female bowlers like they used to...

This is a really cool idea...



Time to start liquidating....

Jerry made off like a bandit!

More pics of Hank

These were sent to me recently, thought I should share them.

For Sale

1941 Chevrolet Truck.
-no running gear
-'57 Chevy rear end
-early Nova sub-frame
-have extra grills that are in great shape
-have extra hood in great shape
$1000 firm
email me at jghelm@hotmail.com with any questions

1955 Chevrolet 235 Inline 6
-original motor pulled from car last spring, ran when pulled
-approx. 55K miles
-motor is complete with trans
$225 w/stand, $175 w/out stand firm
email me at jghelm@hotmail.com with any questions



Can't believe I forgot to post this yesterday

Chuck turned 70 yesterday and you've gotta read this article from the Fargo Forum about what one school did for it : http://www.inforum.com/event/article/id/271800/group/home/   Truly amazing.

Shaved Legs

Finally decided to take some pictures of the shaved legs for the Honda. My intentions were to take a few pictures from different angles, but my batterries died right after I took this shot so I guess that's it.


Do Yourself a Favor

Scroll over to the right side of the page here, click on Hootis' link and take a journey over to his blog. He just posted a great picture of his really bitchin' completed Hardtail Evo Springer project. Check it out!


Party for Alice

Ben and Jodi threw an Alice in Wonderland costume party last night...I can't begin to put into words how much fun it was. There were a lot of very cool costumes, a couple of mildly disturbing ones (Ben), great food, great people and a lot of general tom-foolery. I got rid of half of my costume sort of early on due to comfort issues...