Alexandria Vintage Car Club Car Show & Swap Meet

Love the Luv

I've got a thing for nail heads

This Marlin was great. Guy and his wife bought it new for $3100

His and Hers Javelins

Guy says you would use this to milk cows, one at a time, when the power went out.

First NSU I've ever seen in person. Really a neat bike. 

Sauk Centre, MN rat rod


Alter Ego Hair Salon

saint cloud mn hair salon brian wohlman

I talked a lot at the wedding about how our friends and family helped so much with the preparations. My friend and owner of Alter Ego Hair Salon, Brian, and stylist Lindsey are two of those people. Brian came over while we dudes were getting ready to trim beards and make sure we looked our best and his team at the salon did a phenomenal job on the ladies. Lindsey there has been a good friend for a long time and she made certain Kayla got exactly what she wanted. We're super thankful for all they did!


Holding his own at t-ball with the 5 year olds. 


I Only Answer to Maverick Now

I had a chance to sit in the shotgun in the company jet on Saturday during a short flight. So rad!


The Helm's

We can't thank everyone that was a part of this enough. So many of you gave of your time and talents to help make this happen and it was absolutely perfect because of that. 

photo by Gabriel O'Conner