Good times with friends.

LUNGS (1973) by Townes Van Zandt live at the Old Quarter


Scott Pommier

Call it what you will....but I think Scott Pommier is the bee's knees! Check out his blog HERE and his normal website HERE. It's his trade, and it wouldn't be very nice (and I don't have permission) so I'm not going to post any of his pictures here, just go check out his sites please.

Pops and Troy

The knowledge and talent between these two is outstanding. Mind blowing really.



If my buddy Jay could do anything at anytime I'm fairly certain it would be river fishing. Dude's got a bad ass boat and isn't afraid to use it. Check out his blog RiverBillies

LYDF Horticulture

Bike's broke, don't have the part I need. This is the next best way to spend my day off with her.

Greg's Journey

Greg took tons of great pictures of his journey west. Here's some that I got from him. More to come...
I'm not real sure where all of these take place or any details, I just know they're rad. 

This was a life changing experience for Greg, it was great that he went, but we're glad to have him back. 
(one burnt valve later)

Quality Times

Way to Go Max!!!

Max rules! So proud of him!