Gun Crazies

So today I had plans to go get some target practice in in the morning before work. As my ammunition supply is running low, I decided to go to a certain unnamed sporting goods store between me and the range. People have told me that one needs to show up before opening at nine a.m. on delivery day if one hopes to walk away with any in hand. I found this quite dubious, but figured, being an idiot, I should just do as told. What I found there blew me away.

Doors open at nine. I pulled up at half past eight. There were already more than two dozen people waiting in line. We all waited in the cold together, joking and talking shit about our jobs and the weather. The moment the doors opened everybody started pushing and running at the ammo. I arrived at the .22 section about 9:01 and there was only one single box left. Federal premium in a 500. I grabbed it thinking it would be maybe fifty bones. The teller rang me up as usual and with a straight face said, "Two sixty-seven, seventy." Yeah, that's right; $267.70 for .22 ammo. Crappy federal .22 ammo in America.

I realize that we have a couple of wars on, and that there's been an increase in the demand for anything firearms related, but this befuddles me to my core.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm starting up the LYDF ammunition collection. Supplying ammo to the underprivileged American blue collar worker. All donations greatly appreciated.

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  1. Maybe they are made of solid gold at that price.. jeepers..