Fuck You Steve

I read every comment that any post gets but I've never really monitored them before...frankly, unless you're being a total prick who am I to censor you? 

The other day I glance over this completely unprovoked religious rant someone posted on a post that was nothing more than a picture of my friend Emma in one of our hoodies, albeit odd, I didn't pay it much mind. Then today I get an email that I had another comment from someone who chose to remain anonymous which simply stated "Fuck you Steve." I laughed so hard I was in danger of pissing my pants. So, because it brought so much joy to me I would like to send you some free stuff. Please email me your name and address at lydfstickers@gmail.com so I can put some stuff in the mail for you and thank you so very much for your comment. 

Fucking Steve....


  1. that dude wins the internet

  2. AGreed with above.. to funny!!