Another Weekend Working on the House

My folks and my buddy Jerry were up this weekend to help out with getting the house ready. We got a lot more done; finished projects from last weekend, painted more, re-carpeted steps, cleaned a lot of stuff out and moved some stuff back to St. Cloud.

Jerry brought the Heavy to help out.


Had to fix an issue with the brakes on Saturday night......

So that we could load it up on Sunday for a trip back to St. Cloud. We had it loaded to the brim by the time we were done.

Jerry and I had our first experiences with re-carpeting. We did pretty damn well too!

Dad finished up the soffit/fascia/roof project from last weekend.

Had a nice portable workshop set up for himself.

Looked great once it was done and now it's done the right way!

This is the cleanest and emptiest my garage has been since I moved in. Threw some stuff away, a lot of stuff went back to St. Cloud and cleaned it up as well.

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