I finally got a chance to put some miles on the bike yesterday and today since getting it back. I took off yesterday around 3ish and blasted I-29S into South Dakota. It's a flat straight rode with little traffic so you can really get moving on it! The only bad part is that south of Fargo there aren't a lot of gas stations within 5-10 miles of the freeway, I once again made the mistake of not paying attention to my gas light and ended up having to nurse the bike into a tiny little town on fumes to fill up. Ended up in Watertown, SD after that and took off on US-81S towards Arlington. Made it there and decided to keep going for a while on some very cool random county roads. I then found myself in the middle of nowhere near dark so I turned around and went back to Watertown to grab a motel for the night.

The only bad news is that I wasn't smart enough to check the weather before leaving Fargo so I was completely unprepared for what I would wake up to this morning....

I got up around 9 to find out that ALL of SD, ND and most of Northeastern MN were in a thunderstorm watch! Awesome. I waited it out for a while, realizing that the rain was not going to let up as there was no break in the storm on the radar. So off I went into the rain. My "rain gear" consisted of my jeans, leather jacket and bandannas (I'm a genius). So after 4 hours, multiple stops under overpasses to clean my glasses and warm myself on my motor, having a smoke with a guy on his way home to Winnipeg on his Evo Dyna, I made it. I got home soaked to the bone, cold as hell, tired, sore and happy as I could be that I finally got a good ride in!

I ended the trip with around 525 miles with no major issues, that's all that counts.

Oh, I did bring my camera with me and managed to get through the entire ride without taking one damn picture, whoops!

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