Busy Busy

Check out the sweet wallpaper hiding behind all the paint in my entryway!

Found some time to jump on here and send out an update. Alison came up on Sunday evening to help with some stuff around the house. We painted, got some general cleaning stuff done, went to a Farmer's Market (my first time) and even did some yoga. Oh yeah, I said it, I did the shit out of that yoga! Surprisingly difficult when you're body is used to being tense and stiff as a board like mine is. I was actually incredibly sore after the first time. I also found out that I can't do most of the moves in "beginners yoga". Thanks again for the lesson Alison.

My realtor also stopped by today to give me some ideas on what to do before listing my place. Now I have a nice laundry list of things to get done. Should keep me busy for a while. She told me that once all of that stuff is done she will stage my house to make it look more "girly and couple friendly". Since when is a pool table, car/motorcycle parts, memorabilia, pictures and old beer signage not girly and couple friendly?!?! Whatever, that's her job I guess.
Definitely going to have to call in some favors and ask some friends and family to help with the house stuff so that I can get it done in somewhat of a timely manner. Luckily my folks are going to be up here from tomorrow until Sunday to help with as much as we can get done in that time.
On top of all of that....I have a VERY important meeting in St. Cloud on Monday morning that I have to be prepared for, wish me luck!
Cheers for now.

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