St. Cloud Skate Plaza

Starting today, the first 500 people who donate $50 or more will receive an exclusive V.I.P. admission to skate the new skate plaza one day before the grand opening* at a special premier event WITH A PRO SKATER!**

Here's what you get for only $50!
- Be among the first people to skate the new plaza one day before grand opening!
- Personally meet and skate with one or more pro skaters!
- Free food and beverages!
- Tons of prizes and giveaways!
Simply click this link to donate: http://web.me.com/jjhelm/St._Cloud_Skate_Plaza/Donating.html

Don't miss out. Not only will you have a killer opportunity to skate the new plaza early and meet pro skaters, but you will personally help make sure it opens this year!

* The grand opening date depends on when we can raise the remaining $50K. If everybody donates now, it will be open by Fall!

** Pro skaters to be named closer to actual event

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