We have a customer where I work named Ethel. Ethel's 91 years young and full of piss and vinegar. Her memory isn't great due to a number of strokes but she's still a riot to be around.

Ethel used to show up when someone could give her a ride because, as she said, "I can't drive anymore because they keep taking my license away!" Well, one day she called down and asked if we could bring her some paint brushes so she could finish a project she was working on, since she lives close we did. Now when Ethel wants to come to the store she calls and asks if we can come pick her up, usually Hootis or I go. She's typically waiting by her garage door and has to triple check that she has everything she needs (walker, purse, garage door opener, etc) then she's ready to rock. She needs a little help getting into the car, refuses to ride on either of our motorcycles and if you bring the truck you have to pick her up and set her down in it.

She calls everyone "Honey" because she says she can't remember anyone's name, cusses a lot and is always talking about stuff that happened years ago. She's very proud of the dwindling independence that she has left and says that she'll never go into a nursing home. She still works around her house and yard when she's feeling well enough.

The reason I posted this is because I think people like Ethel are a treat and we should understand that taking some time out of our busy lives for folks like her can really brighten their day as well as our own. Also, Ethel has cancer (again) and just had surgery that we're all hoping she recovers from soon. Although, she does like to tell me a lot that she'll probably die soon and "you have to come to my funeral honey!"

Get well soon Ethel!
(oh, she did really proudly show me her computer one day but I don't think that she knows how to use the internet so it's not like I'm expecting her to see this or anything)

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