About Us

Live Young Die Fast was born out of a refusal to grow up, a refusal to conform and a general refusal to do what we've always been told to do. Call it what you will, but we prefer the term "Peter Pan complex" around these parts. We make and sell clothes however our main goal is to promote a lifestyle of doing what it is that makes you happy, chasing your dreams and never giving up. This is an effort made up of many members of the LYDF Family, a "collective conscious" if you will. With the visibility of running a clothing company and website we believe there comes a social responsibility to create positive change as well. We try to involve ourselves in and promote as many charitable events as we can and try to give back to our local community as much as possible. Yes, in the simplest form we sell clothes we think are rad, but we hope to better the lives of those around us as well. If you dig it, that's rad; if not, oh well. Thanks for visiting the site. Love you, mean it.

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