Cool Bikes Cool Guys.First Friday Sept 2013

First Friday was a hot one this month but we had a pretty good turn out including some new comers.. Heres some pics of the evening, the dudes and the bikes.
 I can never remember the guys name that rides this BSA but he's had it for years and rides it tons! One of the coolest older guys I've ever met! He keeps up with the youngsters riding and can hold up a pretty cool end of a conversation.

 Andrews Triumph... This bike keeps getting better.

 Heres a couple of a cool old norton that showed up.

Mike's Norton Chopper

Amazing paint job! 

Cheat Death.

Mike makes them pretty and then RIDES them!
No (bug) Guts No Glory

A motley crew.

My Ugly "thing"

For those of you who may not know "First Friday" is a get together on the first Friday of each month for motorcycle and/or car enthusiasts and appreciators... Come hang out with us Oct 4th at the Eagles Club in St. Cloud on Veterans and Hwy 15 6pm-til we get bored and go home.

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  1. No getting bored. This time I want to experience St. Cloud!