The 1 Moto Show via Andy Kvamme

A few years back a guy named Andy Kvamme from the Twin Cities bought a sweatshirt from us. The only reason I remember it is because he was the first guy I didn't know that bought a sweatshirt from us. Over the years I've followed him on the various social media sites and have always liked what he posts, a great variety of cars, bikes, and all kinds of other projects. Via one of those social media sites I noticed that Andy would be going to the 1 Moto Show in Portland so I asked if he would share his experience with all of us. 
Luckily he obliged. 
Thanks Andy!

I finally got to go check out a real big time bike show. Stalking awesome bike builders on blogs and Instagram is really great, but being able to see them in real life? Killer. 

The One Show was a fantastic variety of all kinds of bikes. Max Schaaf brought his 4q knuck, Dave Polgreen brought the baddest flathead Black Orpheus, Copper Dave brought the steel shoe, and Kim Boyle brought the cleanest old BMW airhead I’ve seen. Everywhere I looked was more eye candy. This is definitely a show I’m going to be coming back to. Great people, amazing bikes. Maybe by next year I’ll have learned how to take a decent picture.

Way more rad pictures to come....

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