Sturgill Simpson and Max Schaaf

I really enjoy Max Schaaf's blog 4Q Conditioning. His motorcycle work is, in my opinion, going to go down in history. It's difficult to be innovative in doing something that's been done for so many years while still staying true to time honored styles and practices but Max does it over and over. I also really like his writing, it's honest no matter what. The guy has no one to impress.
Recently he had a post about Sturgill Simpson that hit me hard for a couple of reasons. First, I had never heard of Sturgill Simpson and after that I started listening to a lot of Sturgill Simpson. If you haven't yet heard him and have a few minutes I would highly recommend you check out the song below. Second, the post that went with it was gold as usual. Here's an excerpt:

sponge bob square brain's are all around us waiting to slurp up the next big boom. put your chopper inside your scooby doo van towed by your rat rod and drive it into the ocean. i have the scuba gear. will trade for a nice martin acoustic guitar. humble is good until people try to elbow you out of their way and jump your claim and then you have to rub your shit in their face..... or just wait for their inevitable -blow it- cause they got into the gates of the wonka factory and ugustus gloop-ed something you put so much of yourself into. take and bake.

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