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A funny story....
So I need to share a funny story, this happened to me last Thursday....

I decided to gas up my bike last Thursday since I would be riding to StC pretty soon, so I ran to the Kum and Go near my place and filled up. On my way back I encountered 40-50 kids who must have been in some sort of summer program type deal (they were all 4-7 years old).

When I stopped at the corner, a jovial young man, maybe 5 years old, yelled out "IS THAT A HARLEY?!?!", my response was "Yes." He could not have had a bigger smile on his face, reminded me of myself not too long ago. As I took off from the corner I heard him yell again "REV IT UP!!" Of course, I gave it all I had and made as much noise as possible.

This made me realize that I have a lot in common with 5 year old boys. We both love the sounds of loud motorcycles, we both distrust women because they probably have coodies (besides our mothers and sisters), and we both laugh at fart jokes.

I had to share this story because it reminds me of how simple the joys of life are. I still smile when I hear a loud motorcycle, I still laugh at farts, I still think girls have coodies. If we all thought about life like a 5 year old did, and forgot about the economic crisis that we're in and all of the misfortunes facing us we would all be happier people.

A GREAT man once told us all that we should be more like the children. So, when life gets tough, just ask someone to REV IT UP!!!

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