Eastbound and Down

I'm leaving for a handful of days starting tomorrow morning on my bike. My plan is to head east in hopes of making it to New York City, simply because I've never been there. The secondary part of my plan is to try and find Nowheresville, USA where I can make just enough money pumping gas to build a little shack in the woods. Just need some chickens, a couple of cows, goats and a pig and I could just lay low in the trees. That'd be pretty bitchin'. So, my plan is to be gone for 6 days but if I don't come back after that, I've either crashed and burned or I really found Nowheresville.

So, whether or not I plan to return or where exactly I'm going to end up remains a bit of a mystery, but I'm sure it'll be a good ride.

Check you later.

Jon Jon

P.S. If you feel you want to track me down, please put this picture on the milk cartons:

(Describe the moustache in detail, that's how they'll recognize me. When giving my physical description use key words like "ruggedly handsome", "Steve McQueen-esque" or "Greek God-like features". You know, the obvious stuff.)

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