My trip has been an absolute blast so far. Since I have access to a fast computer and internet service at Renee's place I decided to upload a bunch of pics before I get home. I'll post a summary of the entire trip once I get back tomorrow some time. This should hold you over for now.

My first stop, somewhere in Wisconsin.
Sign at first campground, Indiana State Park
Jon Helm: tent setter-upper expert. I got it right on the second try, and this was after a long day so gimme a break
Cool house down the road from my first camp. Found it after getting lost leaving the state park and cruising around for a while
Had to break these out in Indiana. Two of my rear pulley bolts sheared. Got a hold of a dealer 25 miles away and had to limp the bike along the shoulder of I-90 the whole way there. Lost another bolt along the way so I got to the dealer with two bolts holding everything together.
The guys at McDaniel's HD were awesome! They (Nelson and Peter) worked super hard to work out a solution since I was going to need a new pulley and wheel since the hub was shot. They were able to get one off of a trade-in and the mechanic (I forgot his name but he was a super cool guy) hooked me up and did a great and fast job of putting everything back together. Everyone was trippin' out a bit on my bike, especially the dirtbike tire on the rear. Thanks again to everyone at McDaniel's HD in South Bend, Indiana!
The donor wheel
All shiny and new. Black rim in the front and chrome in the rear. Luckily I'm not picky about how that shit looks.
Made it to Katie's place in Cleveland
Me and Mary
Me, Mary and Paul
A picture of Sarah taking a picture
New York!
Ground Zero
I noticed this when I gassed up in New Jersey. I-80 was so damn rough that it busted off my tail light/license plate bracket. A couple of the bumps were big enough to hurt pretty bad. Since I knew I would have to be doing some riding at night I was going to need to get some kind of light back there.
The solution: flashlight, lens repair tape, duct tape, hose clamps and an orange pop. (orange pop isn't required, I just really like it)
The fix!
Camping in Big Pocono State Park in eastern Pennsylvania, I absolutely loved it here!
Sign at the entrance to the state park
Random riding pics from Pennsylvania on westward
Luckily this is the closest I got to any cops, just like the logo that Ohio troopers have
Finally in camp
Extremely tired somewhere in Indiana
Coming into Chicago
Renee's hard at work. She's a pretty big deal there, practically runs the joint.

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