Lindsey! Lindsey! Lindsey!

I'm stoked to introduce Lindsey as a part of the LYDF Family now! Here's a few pictures of her in a couple of our latest ladies shirts, I just added the black tee with the pink skull to the STORE for all you lovely ladies to pick up. I make absolutely no claim that wearing LYDF clothes will make you appear as gorgeous as Lindsey, but it's worth a shot anyways!
Lindsey's a really bitchin' hairstylist at Alter Ego Hair Salon in St. Cloud so give her a call and she'll take good care of you! Also, it should be made clear that this Lindsey is not the same as the Lindsay mentioned below with the cupcakes. Get it, there's Lindsey and Lindsay. Now that that's all cleared up, quit oggling and go buy some clothes....please

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