Wise Words From the Searcher

Everyone is bound to go through dark times in their lives, I think how you deal with these times defines you as a person. Years ago I was going through some heavy shit myself and turned to an old friend of mine who seems to have lived many lifetimes in his own. He has always been a wealth of knowledge for me on so many levels. Anyways, below is one message he had sent me, that I've since shared with others, that I have found myself turning back to. Thought I'd share it. If you don't like it, I don't care. Neener neener neener

"In Buddhism there is the Wheel of Life, and one of the segments deals with the Hungry Ghosts. They are emaciated beings with long thin necks, tormented by unfulfilled cravings and insatiably demanding of impossible satisfactions, searching for gratification for old needs whose time has passed. They have uncovered a terrible emptiness within themselves, and cannot see the impossibility of correcting something that has already happened. They remain obsessed with achieving complete release from the pain of their past and are stubbornly unaware that their desire is fantasy.

Until you accept the incontrovertible fact that it's in the past you will be a prisoner of it, a thing that exists only in your mind. Accept that the shackles are illusion! All will be well as long as you remain aware."

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