Home 'tattooers' can bite my dick.

At my job, it's usually the same crap again and again; words with deep meanings, bible verses, something some kid wants that he feels a huge desire to explain how much it means ad nauseum. I do a fair number of cover ups, but today for some reason, this one really got under my skin. The first picture is what the kid had done in some piece of trash's house. It took this guy about 5 hours to do this junk. He paid the guy quite handsomely for it. His name is Tony Hennes, and he probably deserves several knuckle sandwiches for doing this kind of thing to people. To say nothing of the health risks involved or how much additional work he is creating for other hard working people out there who actually try to operate legally and with quality.
The second picture is what I drew on him and he was pretty excited about it. He was very surprised that I could do something this good looking to coverup what he had.
The third picture is where we finished on it today. Sadly, large work like this cannot be finished in a single run, but more will get done in the coming months.
If you or anybody you know is looking at getting tattooed in someone's house please don't and talk them out of it. Nonprofessional tattooing is never a good idea. "But it's so expensive in a shop." Hell yes it is! Do you know how much my supplies cost? And I do expect to charge a bit over that to feed my kid. "He used to own or work in a shop." He isn't there anymore because he was bad at it. Either his work was so poor he had to close or got fired, or he couldn't make a living at it because nobody wanted to pay to have his junk on them.
End of rant. Go about your normal business.

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