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As you all hopefully know by now, America has had yet another bombing. We still don't really have anyone to point the finger at as the guilty party, but I would like to take a moment and hopefully have us all take a look inwards.
Sometimes I wonder if the way we, as a country and more so as individuals, treat people has at least a tiny bit of culpability in the dark things others do. Is it at all possible that trying to be a little kinder and tolerant of those we disagree with could maybe keep our relations a bit more civil? I'm not talking about super hippy, 'Love everyone and all that they do' crap, just less name calling and trying not to be condescending when dealing with someone whose opinion differs. Maybe if we weren't so aggressive in our differences, the other party wouldn't feel so defensive and ready to lash out. Maybe also we wouldn't have to deal with them belligerently yelling at us about how we are wrong. This animosity serves no one.
Just some rambling thoughts. Thanks to everyone who ran to help in Boston, and all of you trying to help now from other places. Try not to be a dick to each other, and if you can't, walk away. Love you. Mean it. Now get back to work.
Photo courtesy of Yahoo News.

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