Ben Yanok

The picture doesn't do justice to this painting, but I'm tired and it gets my point across. 

Yesterday I went to help my friend Ben move. When I showed up this painting of his was on the table with my name on it, which meant my plan worked. See, I've always loved this piece and I would make it a point to tell Ben that every single time I went to his house. Knowing that Ben didn't really care for this painting of his as much as some others, I thought this way he would give it to me if ever he parted with it. Totally worked. 

On another note, I got to see my friend Jake yesterday as well. Jake is an impressive guy. He made a conscious decision to change some aspects of his life a while back that he wasn't stoked about and has gained some great insight on life through the process. He's one of the very few people you will ever meet that is always working to be better, but not in that obnoxious "throw it in your face hippie dippy bullshit" way. Always moving and shaking too, he never settles. Hell of a guy and great friend, the world could use more guys like Jake. 

If you've read this far I need you to hang on with me just a little bit longer here so I can get to my point. Now, I'm not saying I'm "all knowing" but I do know one thing to be true, you get out of this life what you put into it. Garbage in, garbage out. 

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