Bunch of Dudes

Cars, bikes, guns, more guns, dirt bikes, Sportster crashes, Neighbor Dog, wheelies, steaks, new scars, teaching manners, "Mom, I crashed a motorcycle", virgin daiquiris, Coronet donuts, tug of war, sniper rifle, and dudes.

I can't thank the guys enough for throwing me a phenomenal bachelor party this weekend. From Friday night to today has been mind blowing. Special thanks to my best man Handsome Troy and his folks for hosting. Their hospitality is unparalleled. 

Mike's Coronet. Hot rod 440, hauls serious ass and Mike's got some serious driving skills in this thing. 

Dude wheelies everything.

Not the only crash but the only injury. My future brother-in-law went down doing his best Evil Knievel over the driveway. Nurse Lois to the rescue.

Then we decided these two should play tug of war. 

Then we made fire.

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