First Fifty Swap - St. Paul

My motorcycles aren't running and there's nothing I can do about it today. So I got up early (for a Sunday) and went down to the MN Fairgrounds for the First Fifty show and swap and met up with the guys from Ichabod Speed Shop. 

I have every intention of owning one of these very much like this. 

This late 60's camper was really cool, the kind that you'd like to spend some time touring the country in....until you have to gas it up.

My favorite car in the show was this 1967 Ford Custom unmarked Nebraska State Patrol police car. It has the original 428 (same as the GT500 Shelby), heavy duty C6 and 9 inch open highway rear end and it was all built at St. Paul's Ford plant. It's still got all the cool cop stuff and has only been mildly reconditioned but is otherwise all stock and all there. All that is cool enough, but being a 2 door makes it extra cool. 

I made it home with only $11 less dollars and a couple of things that I just had to have.

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