Scenic route to Springfield.

I needed a vacation. So I threw my girlfriend on the back of my chopper, and along with a Swedish friend of mine, we headed out to Springfield Illinois for the flat track races at the Springfield mile. The racing was great. 140 mph on the dirt with hot rodded xr750s, Triumphs, Ducatis, and Kawasakis. What a blast. But that wasn't the the real reason for the trip. Sure we needed a destination, but we needed the ride more than anything. Breakdowns, idiot drivers, lane splitting, cops, truck drivers who weren't too good to blow the horn, quick fixes on the bikes just to get back on the road (that surely won't really get fixed till riding season is over), that is what this motorcycle shit is all about. I don't care if you ride American, Japanese, British, or whatever. Just go somewhere. And take some chances when you do it. Live young die fast.

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